25 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

Being a girl can get complicated.We are always on the hunt for tips and tricks that are affordable, yet still leaves us looking fabulous. Though we all have our own unique beauty secrets, I decided to share a few with you, some I've just started to try out myself. Read on!

1. Exfoliate your lips before applying your lipstick. It enables your lipstick to glide on easier and prevents dry, cracked lips. Here's a homemade lip scrub you can use once a week to get the perfect pout.

2. Out of cuticle cream? Use a moisturizing eye cream to do the job! Remember, hydrated nails=healthy, strong nails.

3. Prone to chipped nails? Apply a thin layer of clear nail polish every two days to make your manicure last longer.

4. Finding the best red lipstick for you can be a daunting task. The secret is to find the one that works well with your undertone. Warmer undertones, warmer reds. Cool undertones, cooler reds.

5. If you have greasy hair, avoid conditioning your roots. Instead, condition from your ear down to the ends.

6. Concealer works as a great base on your eyelids, as it will help to absorb oil, and your eyeshadows will stick to the product, making it last longer.

7. To reduce the amount of heat used on your hair, allow the hair to air dry instead of using a blowdryer, and then flat iron on a low setting. You can also check out this little hack I found online here.

8. If you suffer from dark circles, try placing two slices of raw potato under each one of your eyes and keep it on for 5-10 minutes. Splash face with cold water. Over a period of time with this method, your dark circles should be less obvious.

9. To set your lipstick, hold a piece of tissue over your lips and dust translucent powder over the tissue to make it last.

10. Substitute body wash and shaving cream for body oil for a smoother, closer shave.

11. Keep your feet soft on a regular basis by using a pumice stone in the shower and following up with a moisturizing body butter.

12. Invest in a silk pillow case to prevent hair breakage and premature wrinkles.

13. For flawless makeup application, dampen your makeup sponge or beauty blender before blending in product.

14. Rinse your hair with cold water after deep conditioning to close hair cuticles and lock in moisture.

15. To avoid looking like a clown, allow about 2 fingers from your nose to where your blush should start.

16. Run your nails under cold tap water to speed up your polish drying process. The cold water acts as a top seal to seal the polish down.

17. Clean your makeup brushes once a week to avoid bacteria buildup that may lead to breakouts.

18. Avoid too hot showers that can cause dry skin. Take warm showers instead and moisturize when your skin is still a little damp!

19. Never squeeze pimples as this may cause damage to tissues and leave scars.

20. To get smooth elbows, take some avocado and rub it on the rough areas.

21. If you're all out of makeup remover, a little olive oil or baby shampoo will do the trick.

22. Make your nail polish colours look more vibrant and pop by applying a base coat of white polish.

23. When applying mascara, place a business card behind your lashes. Not only does this prevent mascara from smudging on your eyelids, but it straightens out your lashes too.

24. Broken press powder? Wash your hands, and with a clean cuticle stick, break up all the solid pieces into loose powder. Add some rubbing alcohol (not too much) to make a paste. Smooth it over with a knife, wait for it to dry, and it never happened!

25. Smile! There's absolutely nothing more beautiful.

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4 Ways To Boost Blog Readership

In the blogging world, one of the main questions we tend to ask is "how do I get more readers?". Sure, writing a blog post is the first step, but how exactly will you get people to come and read what you have written? Even after almost 4 years of blogging, I am still no expert at driving insane traffic to my blog, but there are a few strategies I have used over the years that have worked for me that I would love to share. Though these tips were written with fashion bloggers in mind, they can work for just about any other blog. So without further ado, here is a list of 4 ways you can boost your blog readership:

Quality, not quantity!

The content that you put out there can make or break your blog. Many persons believe that being a great blogger is putting out a blog post two times per day, every day of the week. Unfortunately, most times when you do this, you end up publishing content that is in no way helpful to your readers, and they will simply close your site because there is nothing interesting there. This doesn't mean you shouldn't get into the habit of posting regularly, say 3 times a week, but never compromise on quality. Make sure that what you write, people will want to read. Be creative. Your readers can see right through you, and when they realise you have put in great thought into your posts, they are more likely to come back to your blog and even share with their friends.

Romp It Up!

Who said onesies are only for babies? For the past few years, the fashion world has seen full length jumpsuits, and their shorter versions which we know as rompers making their mark, especially as a summer must-have trend. They are extremely versatile, working perfectly for both night and day. Because it's only one item of clothing not requiring separates coordination, this versatile item is definitely a 'one-piece wonder'.

Music Festival Looks

Summer is all about fun, outdoor activities, including popular music festivals. In Jamaica, one of the biggest music festivals we have each summer is Reggae Sumfest which actually starts today (July 17) and ends this Saturday. If you read the Flair Magazine in the Jamaica Gleaner on Monday, you would have seen where fashion writer/stylist Natalia Oh chooses a few looks which can work for not just Reggae Sumfest, but for any other music festival around the world.
When choosing an outfit for such an event, it's best that you choose looks that are not just stylish, but also super comfortable, especially if you'll be standing throughout the entire day or night. With that said, ditch the stilettos and go for cute flat sandals or wedges. For more tips, check out the article from Natalia Oh!
Get inspired by the looks below!

My Basic Makeup Routine

Hey everyone!
Today I decided to share with you guys my basic makeup routine which is very quick and easy! How's 10-15 minutes?
Let me first start off by saying that I do not wear makeup everyday. It's not that I have anything against makeup, but I love being barefaced and allowing my skin to breathe as much as possible, especially since I have acne-prone skin. However, when I do, I like to keep it very fresh and natural looking.
When it comes on to makeup, whenever I find something I like, I tend to stick with it. For the past 3 years or so I used mostly Black Opal products, but I recently decided to switch things up a bit as it relates to concealer and foundation. So, of course, I went to Sephora to get some help with choosing another brand that I would actually enjoy using for a long period also.

Here goes:


The first step is applying moisturizer. I switch up my moisturizers very regularly, but currently I use Clean & Clear's Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer. The next step is applying a small amount of my e.l.f. Mineral Face Primer. This primer provides me with a smooth canvas to work on, and it also helps my makeup to stay in place throughout the day.

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