4 Ways To Boost Blog Readership

In the blogging world, one of the main questions we tend to ask is "how do I get more readers?". Sure, writing a blog post is the first step, but how exactly will you get people to come and read what you have written? Even after almost 4 years of blogging, I am still no expert at driving insane traffic to my blog, but there are a few strategies I have used over the years that have worked for me that I would love to share. Though these tips were written with fashion bloggers in mind, they can work for just about any other blog. So without further ado, here is a list of 4 ways you can boost your blog readership:

Quality, not quantity!

The content that you put out there can make or break your blog. Many persons believe that being a great blogger is putting out a blog post two times per day, every day of the week. Unfortunately, most times when you do this, you end up publishing content that is in no way helpful to your readers, and they will simply close your site because there is nothing interesting there. This doesn't mean you shouldn't get into the habit of posting regularly, say 3 times a week, but never compromise on quality. Make sure that what you write, people will want to read. Be creative. Your readers can see right through you, and when they realise you have put in great thought into your posts, they are more likely to come back to your blog and even share with their friends.

Get social!

Social media is very essential when it comes to driving traffic to your blog. With so many persons on these social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Chictopia, Instagram, etc., your blog will surely be seen by different persons across the world sharing similar interests, especially when these persons share your posts. Share your content on these sites and check to see which one you get most traffic on, so that you can maintain or improve that, and work on the others that aren't bringing in as much traffic as you would like. Use relevant hashtags on twitter when posting links, and be sure to use catchy headings so that persons will be interested to click the link in the first place. If you blogged about a specific brand, be sure to tag them, as very often they  may retweet or repost your images/blog posts leading to even more exposure. Don't just post your links on social media, ensure you interact. Be active!

Network, network, network!

Just like any other industry, networking is key. Firstly, I joined Independent Fashion Bloggers about two years ago, and through that medium, I have met alot of fashion bloggers who continue to read my blog, comment, and check to see how I'm doing.  Though it is possible to gain loyal 'blogger friends',
you will be bombarded by tons of messages from members of the IFB community who ask you to follow them, but that's where it ends. IFB is my go-to for blogging advice, so be sure to take a read every once in a while.

Twitter, with the help of hashtags such as #fashionblogger, allows you to find persons who have similar blogs so that you can interact with them, often leading to more followers and meeting new people. Commenting on other bloggers' posts is also a very helpful way, but don't make the mistake of writing two words and posting the link to your blog underneath all the time. Leave genuine comments which show that you actually read and was interested in the blog post.

Write guest posts

Posting content on someone else's blog can lead to new followers and even new friends. Just be sure that the blog you are writing for has the same or similar target audience you are also seeking for your blog. This is done so that when you link back to your blog, these same readers from the next blog will want to check out yours because it shares similar content they are interested in. It will be even better for you if the blog you are writing a guest post for has a higher traffic than your blog, but this really doesn't matter.
I hope these tips will be useful to you. Enjoy the rest of your day.
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Wedding Outfit: Pleated Maxi


Dress: Bisou Bisou | Shoes: Nine West (sold out) | Clutch: Ross Dress for Less (similar one here) |  Necklace: Style District | Earrings: Style District | Bracelets: Forever 21

Dear blog, oh how I missed you! It's been a month; one whole month since I last blogged. Truth is, I was away on vacation for two weeks where I visited North Carolina, and I've still been trying to get things in order since I got back a week ago. I didn't completely neglect writing, my true love, and so you can check out a blog post I wrote for It's Pixel Perfect on college fashion do's and don'ts on their blog.

Now let's get down to business, shall we? Looking at the pictures above, you would have realised that it isn't me. So, let me take this time out to introduce my mom!

Finding an outfit for a wedding can be a pain sometimes. Sure you don't want to outshine the bride, but you still want to look your best. That's exactly what I had in mind when I styled my mom for a wedding she attended on Saturday. To me, this whole look has an elegant feel. I thought this navy blue maxi pleated dress was perfect for a wedding. At first I wanted to switch up the gold belt for some colour, but I couldn't ignore the huge comeback gold accessories have been making this year. They are literally taking over every single store. She is also a bit on the short side, so I ensured she wore those gorgeous gold Nine West sandals to give her a lift so she wouldn't trip over the dress. I didn't want the accessories to be too fussy, so I kept it simple with these gold and clear drop earrings, two dainty layered necklaces, bracelets from Forever 21, and a nude gold studded clutch for some edge.
Have a lovely day!
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Romp It Up!

Who said onesies are only for babies? For the past few years, the fashion world has seen full length jumpsuits, and their shorter versions which we know as rompers making their mark, especially as a summer must-have trend. They are extremely versatile, working perfectly for both night and day. Because it's only one item of clothing not requiring separates coordination, this versatile item is definitely a 'one-piece wonder'.

Music Festival Looks

Summer is all about fun, outdoor activities, including popular music festivals. In Jamaica, one of the biggest music festivals we have each summer is Reggae Sumfest which actually starts today (July 17) and ends this Saturday. If you read the Flair Magazine in the Jamaica Gleaner on Monday, you would have seen where fashion writer/stylist Natalia Oh chooses a few looks which can work for not just Reggae Sumfest, but for any other music festival around the world.
When choosing an outfit for such an event, it's best that you choose looks that are not just stylish, but also super comfortable, especially if you'll be standing throughout the entire day or night. With that said, ditch the stilettos and go for cute flat sandals or wedges. For more tips, check out the article from Natalia Oh!
Get inspired by the looks below!

Creative Director, Stylist, Photographer - Natalia Oh!
Store - Allure Fashions | Shop 18B Leaders Plaza Mandeville | (876) 895-8756
Models - Ashleigh Em | Crystal Naylor
Have an amazing weekend my loves!
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My Basic Makeup Routine

Hey everyone!
Today I decided to share with you guys my basic makeup routine which is very quick and easy! How's 10-15 minutes?
Let me first start off by saying that I do not wear makeup everyday. It's not that I have anything against makeup, but I love being barefaced and allowing my skin to breathe as much as possible, especially since I have acne-prone skin. However, when I do, I like to keep it very fresh and natural looking.
When it comes on to makeup, whenever I find something I like, I tend to stick with it. For the past 3 years or so I used mostly Black Opal products, but I recently decided to switch things up a bit as it relates to concealer and foundation. So, of course, I went to Sephora to get some help with choosing another brand that I would actually enjoy using for a long period also.

Here goes:


The first step is applying moisturizer. I switch up my moisturizers very regularly, but currently I use Clean & Clear's Oil-Free Dual Action Moisturizer. The next step is applying a small amount of my e.l.f. Mineral Face Primer. This primer provides me with a smooth canvas to work on, and it also helps my makeup to stay in place throughout the day.

Wednesday Wishlist

Summer 2014 Trend : Black and White

 Yesterday marked the official start of summer, and what better way to start it off than with this post?

I recently had the opportunity to work with fashion blogger and stylist, Natalia Oh!, on a photoshoot for today's Outlook Magazine in the Jamaica Gleaner, where she is currently a contributing writer. She is really a Jill of all trades; makeup, styling, photography, and the whole works! I had such an amazing experience and I enjoyed working with her on this shoot.