What To Wear To The Color Festival - Jamaica

On Sunday, March 29, one of the best, must-go events to hit Jamaica will be back in action at Hope Gardens. The Color Festival, also known as 'The Happiest Festival in the World', promises to be more exciting than ever with 'a great line up, even more and better colour, superb drinks and a perfect celebration'.

If you're travelling in my boat, you've probably never attended any of the stagings of this event, and as a result, you're probably clueless as to what to wear to have coloured powder thrown all over you. The promoters of the event give us a hint - wear white! Wearing white enables the effects of the colour to be more visible than if you were to wear coloured clothing. However, they do suggest that you don't have to wear a full white outfit, but at least a white shirt. Ensure your clothing is comfortable, including your sneakers/sandals.

You'll also want to make sure you wear clothing that you'll be ok tossing out afterwards just in case it becomes damaged due to the powder. Keep accessories to a minimum - simple necklace, pair of earrings, simple cuff bracelets, OR a lightweight body chain will do the trick. If you do opt to ditch the jewelry, flash tats are a great way to add some flair to your look.

Based on pictures from previous events, I've created 3 outfits you can wear to The Color Festival. They're very simple, casual, and comfortable. Check them out below!

Yes, I Relaxed My Hair!

Yes, I relaxed my hair.
For those who follow me on Instagram, you may have seen me upload a photo with my straight mane a few weeks ago. Truth is, I loved my natural hair - the curls, testing different products, and the whole works. And heck, I would do that natural hair journey all over again! One lesson I learned through it all was that, hair is hair. You just have to take the time out and have the patience to take darn good care of it.

 Being natural taught me how to care a whole lot better for my relaxed hair. I now use better products, and take care of it just like I would my natural hair (and I was super obsessed when it came to keeping it healthy). I'll try to stay away from bleach and colour (note: I'll try), as it was the case of that which led to my hair breakage in the first place.
One of the strangest, or might I add, coolest thing I've realised since my relaxer, is that once I shampoo my hair each week, my curls pop right out (best of both worlds?), and so I have the option to wear it curly without the use of heat, or straight once I roller set. I try to minimize heat usage as much as possible, and so if I decide to flat iron, I ditch the blow dryer and air-dry.

Now to share with you guys the products I have been using...

Herbal Essences "Break's Over Strengthening Shampoo"
I'm big on Herbal Essences products, so there's no doubt that I hopped back on the Herbal Essences boat. I'm now using the 'Break's Over Strengthening Shampoo', and I absolutely love the smell of cocoa. It makes my hair undoubtedly soft. Unfortunately the hair store was out of the conditioner. Womp.

Creme of Nature's "Intensive Conditioning Treatment"
I picked up Creme of Nature's 'Intensive Conditioning Treatment' since they had no Herbal Essences conditioner. I've heard so many good reviews about this product, and it really does match up to its expectations. I don't even have to use a leave in conditioner after this treatment.

Every Strand "Keratin Polisher"
I found out about the Every Strand line of hair products in 2013 when my hair started to break after a bleach job gone wrong. The Every Strand 'Keratin Polisher' states that it's for chemically treated hair, and it is free of alcohol, which is a major plus! It's really thick, so you just have to use a little, resulting in the product lasting a long time.
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Red, White, & Tulle

Cropped Tee: Tilly's | Skirt: Rednarim | Heels: Agaci

Can I just tell you how late this post is???
Originally I had this planned for Valentine's Day along with Double Floral, but final year projects have been swallowing me whole!
Blogging is not so simple as everyone thinks. I spent over 3 hours shooting just two outfits. Yes, TWO outfits. Add another 3 hours selecting the 'best' ones, editing them, and the whole works. Nevertheless, I finally got around to posting.
I've always wanted a tulle skirt, particularly in white or red. Seeing that Valentine's Day was just around the corner, I figured it would be a great concept to have a shoot with one. Unfortunately, my magical idea came a bit too late, and I realised that if I ordered and shipped this Red Fantasy Tulle Skirt from Windsor Store, it wouldn't be here in time. This is where 'Mission: Designer Friend" came into play. Instead of not having my beloved skirt here in time, I sent the picture to a friend of mine and he made it for me instead.
Boy, was it perfect! I loved how poofy it was, but not too big for my tiny frame. The skirt is obviously the centre of attention, so I just paired it with my white cropped tee and Valentino-inspired sandals.
Happy (late?) Valentine's Day once more, & have a great Monday!

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Double Floral

Skirt Set: Rednarim

I was never a fan of printed sets. Oh how I despised seeing someone wear print on print! I vowed never to go down that road. Since one of my goals this year is to hop right out of my comfort zone, I decided I would give it a shot. A printed set allows you to have different styling options, as you can wear the pieces as separates or together. My love affair with florals may have just started as well. I kept it simple with a pair of classic black pumps and added some simple gold accessories.

What is your take on print on print?

Happy Valentine's Day!
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Coffee Table Styling

Like fashion, I've always had a passion for interior designing. I believe that fashion and interior design are closely intertwined, as they influence each other in many different ways such as colours, materials, textures, and patterns. With that said, how you style yourself and how you style your home can be very similar. Today I decided to do a little design feature on coffee table styling, simply because it popped into my head at 11 p.m. last night.
A coffee table is often the centrepiece in a living room, yet it is often left blank or cluttered. Like any other room or piece in the house, a coffee table can be styled to perfection with just a few basic accessories. Five of these accessories I tend to go for are:
1. Trays
Trays are perfect for grouping your items on the table to prevent them from looking scattered. I prefer to place the flowers and candles in them, and place the books with decorative accents beside them outside of the tray.
2. Candles
A personal favourite when decorating anywhere, I love adding in candles of varying lengths in the tray to add some height to the table.
3. Books
Books are a great way to inject your personality into a space. So if you're into fashion, sports, design, or whatever it may be, you can stack (or just use a single book) some great looking hardcover books that showcase that.
4. Flowers
Flowers are perfect for adding colour and texture and bringing a little bit of nature indoors.
5. Decorative Accents
To top things off, a decorative object can be used. Make it interesting. Use unique shapes or something that reflects your personality.

nuLOOM  Tacita Trellis Ottoman | XLBoom Set of Low Trays | Exquisite and Classy Metal Gold Sculpture | Gold Waves Candlesticks

Grand Modern White Crocodile Lacquer Coffee Table with Drawers | Cinchwaist Round Gold Leaf Mirror Tray | Everlasting Glow Flameless Pillar Candle | Worlds Away Urchin Accent, Gold Leaf

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