3 Last Minute Valentine's Day Looks

So the 'day of love', Valentine's Day, visits us tomorrow, February 14. Just like any other occasion, I know many ladies who will be spending some quality time with their significant other, or my single ladies who will be hanging out with their friends (apparently the term is Galentine's Day?), are still undecided as it relates to the perfect outfit for whatever plans you have. I may have not blogged in a while, and this post might be hella late, but I just wanted to give some inspiration with some very simple pieces that you may just have hanging around. Depending on the plans you have, I've created 3 simple, but still very chic outfits, whether it be for a nice dinner, a movie date/hanging with your girlfriends, and of course, for my ladies who would rather stay in and just keep it low-key.


Cheers to 2016

What an incredible year it has been! As we make our way into 2016, I must say I am extremely grateful for my many blessings and achievements. Completing university, graduating, styling some gorgeous ladies, working with incredible companies, and so much more to name. Words cannot express how proud I am of my growth as a young woman destined to make her dreams a reality, and that I will continue to do! 

The year is yours, ladies! Make the best of it! ��

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Ashleigh Em Turns 5

Happy 5th Birthday to Ashleigh Em! What started out as a tiny little platform where I could share my love for fashion, beauty, and life, has opened so many wonderful doors for me, and has provided me with so many experiences. Just thinking about it is a little bit overwhelming.

My blog is my passion, and though sometimes I just want to take a break from it all, it's an absolute pleasure to get back to it and share what I love with you, my faithful readers. Thanks for sticking it through with me over the years. Without you, this blog would not be what it is today, and I thank you for your support.

So what's next? This year was not the best year for my blog. I was so caught up with finishing school and pursuing some personal goals, I sort of pushed it to the side. Nevertheless, I am so excited for my blog's growth in 2016, as it has achieved so much growth since its beginning. I'd like to post more frequently, work with more brands, and just let it be the best blog it can be.

So, Happy 5th Birthday Ashleigh Em! Here's to many more exciting years ahead!


Graduation Day: What I Wore

Finally, the graduation post! First of all, congrats to anyone who has graduated or will be graduating. I attended my graduation last week Friday, and just decided to share my outfit details to help out just in case you need a little inspiration. And if you're wondering, I graduated from The University of the West Indies with a BA in Integrated Marketing Communication.


Simply All Natural - Red Apple Whipped Body Butter & Canna Ailment Salve

I was so lucky to receive two awesome products from an amazing company recently. 
Simply All Natural is owned by Dominique Morgan, a mom who was in search of an all-natural lotion that would not irritate her baby's skin. During her search, Simply All Natural was born, and currently has a line of whipped body butters and ailment salve, but is in the process of expanding.
I highly recommend and support women owned businesses, so being able to test out and share these products on the blog was an absolute pleasure. The two products I received were the Red Apple Whipped Body Butter and the Canna Ailment Salve. I'll get into each of them individually after the jump.


Pizza Spaghetti Bake with Ragu

Pizza and spaghetti are, without a doubt, two of my favourites when it comes to a quick meal. So put them together and that's really a win-win for me. When Ragu contacted me, I knew I immediately wanted to share this pizza spaghetti bake recipe with my readers, especially since I always use their pasta sauce for many of my recipes. Now I'm no chef, but when it comes on to making my favourites, I can do a thing or two. This is already so super easy to make and takes very little ingredients. Plus, just like other casseroles, this pizza spaghetti bake requires you to just throw everything together, toss it in the oven, and you're done. That's why I love easy dishes like this. Very little prep time, and I get to send out a few emails or complete a blog post while everything finishes up.


Out Of The Blue

My best friend Shelly-Ann shot this outfit for me about 2 weeks ago, so it's finally time I posted it to the blog. Even though the summer season is all gone, it's always hot here in Jamaica, so summer fashion is well accepted all year round.

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