Skin and Tonic's Oil Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover & Queen of Hungary Water

Hey loves! Just over a week ago I was sent some awesome samples from Skin and Tonic, a natural skin care line owned by Charlene Palfey, a skin care enthusiast and licensed aesthetician in Vermont. She uses no synthetic fragrances, no chemicals and parabens, and no mineral oils in her line. I was given the chance to try out their Oil Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover, and Queen of Hungary Water, and would like to share my experience so far with you. 

5 Foods That Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Every woman's desire is to have healthy, glowing skin. The first step to achieving this is to ensure that your skin is hydrated, not just on the outside, but from the inside as well. Keeping your skin hydrated means loading your body with sufficient water and other water-rich foods which help it to

Nail Files: Bella's Beautique

Hey all! Hope you are ready for the amazing weekend ahead. Today, I'm bringing you the first post in my new monthly series, "Nail Files", which will feature one amazing local or international nail technician. My first post in the series features none other than Annabel Glaze, owner of Bella's Beautique right here in Jamaica. I first met Annabel 2 years ago while she operated her one woman nail art mobile business. Today, she has her own physical space where you can experience professional nail care services in a relaxing ambience. With celebrity clientele including Denyque and Kamila McDonald-Alcock, Annabel is the true definition of quality, and an incredible human being. 

Makeup Starter Kit On A Budget

Having drawers filled with makeup is every girl's dream. Unfortunately, purchasing makeup is not particularly the most inexpensive thing, especially when you're faced with so many options you've seen on YouTube videos, or on your favourite beauty blogger's posts. You may find yourself buying one too many items, because the task of choosing one product to test becomes overwhelming. Eventually, of course, you may not favour a selection or two, which results in you throwing them through the window. Just ask me about it. Then, just like that, all that money goes down the drain. 

My Dream Home Office

As I sit here juggling final assignments, I can't help but dream about decorating my very own home office when the time comes. 

My dream home office would boast a very contemporary vibe. Of course, my choice of colour for the walls and furniture would be white. I wasn't always an "all white" girl when it came to interior decorating, but as a blogger, you learn to appreciate the brightness and cleanliness of white, especially when dealing with product photography in your own space.

Fashion Friday: All Black Errthang

It's Friday, and you're probably heading out with your girls tonight for a well deserved GNO. A typical GNO requires you to get all stylish and sexy for the night's festivities, making an all black ensemble perfect for this occasion. After all, you can never go wrong with a little (or a lot) black in your outfit choice. 

Apple Cider Vinegar - For The Skin

At home beauty recipes are the best things for any beauty junkie. I find so much pleasure in using simple, everyday ingredients in the kitchen to help to maintain, exfoliate, and soften my skin. From naturally scented sugar body and lip scrubs, to cinnamon and honey face masks, there's absolutely nothing I would not try, just for the heck of experimenting.