Superstar Nail Lacquer is revitalizing the nail polish industry with luxurious lacquer hues that display an accurate portrayal of the latest fashion and beauty collections that are debuted seasonally.

Superstar colors are aptly named to compliment its moniker. Each color has a title reminiscent of all things fashion and fame. “We wanted attention-grabbing names that people could relate to. Since our company is named Superstar, we chose titles that would make our customers feel like a star. Who wouldn’t feel good about wearing, ‘It Girl Orange’ or Walk The Red Carpet?” said Ariana.

When asked what were most important factors when creating the line, Stacia Pierce commented it had to be fast drying. “My time is very precious to me. I needed a polish that would cut drying time in half and minimize nicks once I left the manicurist,” said Stacia, who, after several tries, helped create a special formula containing secret ingredients that not only keep the colors true, but makes the polish dry extremely
Fans of Superstar Nail Lacquer all love the colors and unanimously agree that the polish dries fast. Scrangie, a popular nail polish blogger, raves about the polish on her site ( “For a new brand, they sure got the nail polish formula right…this polish is near perfect.

Superstar Nail Lacquer is emerging as a premiere brand with a quality desirable product. Many celebrities and stylists have taken notice. “The colors are crazy! I just love them all,” said actress Shar Jackson. It was featured in several fashion shows during New York and L.A. Fashion Weeks. It has been requested to accessorize several pop stars as well.

In September 2008, Superstar was at the 60th Annual Emmy Awards Pre-Emmy gift suite in Hollywood, California. Several celebrities and agents were impressed with the collection, dubbing it “a wardrobe for your hands.” Stylists all over the country are now praising Superstar Nail Lacquer for being the go-to source for complimentary colors of styles that rule the runway.

In addition to providing haute couture colors for your hands, Superstar Nail Lacquer also provides customized gifts bags for clients on special occasions such as, baby showers, bridal showers, launch parties or even just a girls night.

Ariana Pierce didn’t create just another nail polish; she has given fashion-forward women on the go the answer to making your hands a high-end accessory. Superstar Nail Lacquer promises to deliver premium polish every season. Superstar Nail Lacquer is elegant, stylish and ultra fashionable.

                                                                                                             Source: Superstar Nail Lacquer