Durante' Cosby is a 16 year old upcoming rapper also from ATL whose aim is to bring good music to the industry. Nothing can pull him back as right now he's doing everything to ensure that he keeps moving forward. Get to know more about Durante' by reading this interview I did with him & follow him on Twitter ! - @iamdurante

Ashleigh: Hey Durante ! How are you ? Thanks for doing this interview !

Durante: What's up? I'm fine and you?

Ashleigh: I'm great! So tell me, how long have you been rapping?

Durante: I've been rapping since 8th grade. 

Ashleigh: For the readers who have never heard your music, explain your sound in 5 words.

Durante: S - Strong
                  O - Optimistic
                  U - Unblemished
                  N - Nurturing
                  D - Dynamic

Ashleigh: Who are your musical influences?

Durante: Lil Wayne , Eminem , T-Pain , Bow Wow

Ashleigh: What has your experience been like with the music industry scene in Atlanta?

Durante: It's awesome. I actually think it is the best place for someone who wants to pursue their dream!

Ashleigh: Do you plan to release an album anytime soon?

Durante: Not an album, but I'm getting started on my mixtape in June.

Ashleigh: Any dream collaborations with any major artist?

Durante: Yea, Young Money, Big Sean, Travis Porter, T-Pain, and Chris Brown. 

Ashleigh: Are there any upcoming projects that you are working on?

Durante: Yes, I'm doing collabs with Lil Flo Malcolm, OKing, Issa, Jacquees, Tygene Laury, Desean Briggs, Lil Chris, IGrind and many more!

Ashleigh: How important is developing an online community or fan base?

 Durante: The internet is the best thing they have created. Musically it helps you reach out to new people and turn them on to your music and possibly they will also promote your work.

 Ashleigh: Any advice for aspiring rappers or anyone wanting to make it in the music industry?

Durante: Stay FOCUSED because there are a lot of haters in the world , just let them be your MOTIVATION.

Ashleigh: What are the five things you can't live without?

Durante: GOD, FAMILY,KNOWLEDGE, MUSIC, and the LADIES, in this order...lol

Ashleigh: Ten years from now you will be...

Durante: Signed to a major label, doing shows all over the country and starting a clothing line.