I am very excited about my latest interview with the ultra-talented & successful makeup artist Cindi Marvelous! She provided us with some details about how her love for makeup began, along with her favourite cosmetics, and even gave us ladies a little beauty tip and some advice! Check it out!

Ashleigh: When did your love for makeup begin?

Cindi Marvelous: Growing up in New York by Jamaican parents they wanted me to be a disciplined child. I was sent to a private Catholic school and I was not allowed to wear makeup until the age of 18...yeah right! The girls would put on their makeup in the bathroom before school and take it off before going home. I started doing the same and did my friends makeup from there. I would have gotten away with it too if my mom didn't pick me up from school early one day and caught me fully made up. Lol. Since then I fell in love making people feel good about looking good!

Ashleigh: How did you get started in your career of becoming a makeup artist and what tips do you have for others who aspire the same thing?

Cindi Marvelous: I kind of fell into it I guess. After I graduated High school I was going to school for Hospitality Management and got a job working at the headquarters Marriott in Maryland. It was an ok job but it was just a job. I was miserable going to work everyday, So I looked for something else. I always put my best face forward and looked professional at all times. So while walking through the mall I asked a lady in J.C. Penny where was human resources. Turn out she was the store manager, she asked me if I was looking for a job and hired me almost on the spot as the entire cosmetics department manager just based on how I carried myself. I told her I never applied makeup professionally on anyone before and she told me to fake it till I make it, and that's what I did. Till this day those words are always at the back of my mind. Since then I have worked many years for retail cosmetic lines like Iman, Clinique, Lancome`, Clarins, Estee` Lauder, and M.A.C. My advice to aspiring artist is to love what you do.Be able to take criticism and learn from it. Practice. Try different things. Think outside the box. Never stop learning. Try to be better than the best. Always LOOK like you know what you are doing!!! Image is everything in this industry and you are your biggest advertiser!

Ashleigh: What is the toughest part of your job?

Cindi Marvelous: Honestly there is no tough part. I love what I do and because it is my passion not a job to me, I have fun doing it.

Ashleigh: What’s a typical day like for you?

Cindi Marvelous: No two days are the same. Mostly I work on the weekends so during the week I do a lot of networking, trial runs for brides or special occasions and shopping for the next hottest trend in the beauty world.

Ashleigh: What celebs have you been working with recently?

Cindi Marvelous: My most recent celeb I worked with was actress Gabrielle Union for her and her boyfriend, Dwyane Wade's New Years eve party on Star Island in South Beach, Miami.

Ashleigh: What are your favourite makeup/cosmetics brands to work with?

Cindi Marvelous: I love M.A.C., Dior, Bobbi Brown, Benefit, Chanel, Clarins skin care, AVEDA and Dermablend.

Ashleigh: If we peeked inside your makeup kit what would we find?

Cindi Marvelous: All of the above brands in lip, eye, cheek and face colors. Most def. straws (so as not to smear lipstick), a sewing kit with safety pins, nail polish, file and remover, an airbrush machine, brushes, sanitizer, lashes, weave glue, smelling salt, AVEDA Blue Calming Oil. I always expect the unexpected and anticipate problems before they arise.

Ashleigh: What’s the one beauty item you can’t live without?

Cindi Marvelous: My M.A.C. wipes! They are a great, quick, and easy way for cleansing, prepping, removing makeup while moisturizing the skin and cleaning up any mistakes around the eye application area.

Ashleigh: What is your favourite make-up tip that can be used by all women?

Cindi Marvelous: Blend Blend Blend! Invest in a blending brush like M.A.C. 217 . Any combination of complimentary colored shadow will look great once you properly BLEND them together.

Ashleigh: What’s next in your career?

Cindi Marvelous: I want to win an academy award for makeup artistry in a couple of years (You have to have a dream or you won't have a dream come true). So I want to learn all there is and more about the industry. Learning never ends. I recently graduated from the AVEDA Institute South Florida for cosmetology. I will be attending the Joe Blasco School of makeup artistry in Hollywood, C.A. to learn prosthetics, aging and special effects makeup artistry. After that I would love to work in movies and on to my dream.

Ashleigh: Where can we find your work and contact you?

Cindi Marvelous: My website http://www.makeupartistcindimarvelous.com/
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MakeupArtistCindiMarvelous

Love & Lipstick, Cindi Marvelous