Royanne DeSilva
Hey readers, today Royanne DeSilva, a Miss Teen Jamaica World contestant, tells us 10 of her beauty must-haves! Read on to find out what they are and after that, check out this link & vote for her too. Thanks :-)

1. My Skittles chapstick (cherry flavoured) - Well, I'm still in high school and our administration is strict on the "no makeup rule" so I have to tone it down. :( I must admit that it has a tint of red in it but *shhh ;)

2. My perfectly pink Estee Lauder lipgloss - *ahem... I stole it from my mommy because it's absolutely stunning! I'm depressed because I can't find it at this moment and I want to tell you the exact name. Sorry :'(

3. Covergirl WATERPROOF mascara - So the thing is, I cry when I laugh. Not any little tears either! I’m always laughing so it's inevitable therefore I love love love waterproof make up. :) ♥

4. Blushhhhhh! - I adore blush. I think it's a major sign of femininity. If you haven't realised by now, I am indeed a girly girl! I love pink, make up, heels, PAGEANTS, glitter & the whole works! Note to boys reading this: You're missing out on the good stuff :P

5. Liquid eyeliner pen - So I've tried pencils & the "brush" one but pens take the cake! The precision is great.

6. Sunblock - My mother has instilled this in me. (Thanks mama!) The sun is an amazing thing but it can also damage your skin. I appreciate skin products with high SPF. 

7. Gold, silver, blue, black & purple eyeshadow – These are my must-have colours in my palette. I’m trying to condense otherwise I’d say every colour eye shadow (I like variety). :$

8. Hot pink nailpolish – If I was supposed to choose a beauty product to represent who I am then this would be it. It’s so bold & va va voom which reminds me of myself. Again I repeat, I’m a girly girl & I’m proud! :D :P

9. A good personality- The above products can only enhance your outer beauty but you must remember to enhance your inner beauty as well. No matter how great you look on the outside, you cannot embody the term “beautiful” unless your personality is a good one.

10. A smile! :D - *cheeeseeeee* - A smile is a great way to show your confidence and appreciation for life. So turn that frown upside down & (8) Girl, you’ll be killin em! ;)

P.S. Thanks for this feature Ash :) & to all the readers: *a dash of love* ♥