I'm sure you've all read the great interview I had with makeup artist Cindi Marvelous, now it's time to check out the newest one I did with stunning Jamaican makeup artist, Loni Jones. Loni tells us about her journey to becoming a makeup artist, where she gets her inspiration from, and goals she has for herself in the next 10 years !

Ashleigh: How did you get started as a makeup artist? Tell us a little about your journey from aspiring artist to your current career.

Loni: Started out assisting other makeup artists on different types of shoots. Eventually my talent grew and I was able to branch out on my own. From the very beginning of my career till now, its been nothing but fun but a lot hard work and long hours. I love every minute of it!!

Ashleigh: Do you think going to school for makeup artistry is important to excel in the business?

Loni: Enrolling in a school for makeup isn't the end all be all of your career. Most famous artists today are self taught and had no formal training. A piece of paper saying you attended a particular school doesn't mean you'll excel. Its how you deal with your clients, the end result of your work and your attitude towards your work that will determine your success as a makeup artist.

Ashleigh: Your favourite or most exciting aspect of your job is?

Loni: Most exciting is being on film location shoots. Music videos, commercial shoots and movie sets! Long hours but I enjoy every minute of it!

Ashleigh: What’s a typical day like for Loni Jones?

Loni: Well being that I don't work everyday, a typical 'at home' day is spent at my laptop checking out new products online, replying to emails from clients, blogging and tweeting! :)

Ashleigh: Where do you look for/find inspiration for your work? What are your influences? Do you have specific styles that you enjoy more than others?

Loni: Inspiration comes from any and everything... From something like food to textiles. My favorite style of makeup is beauty and editorial! I love them all though!

Ashleigh: What are your most favourite products that you’re never found without?

Loni: Lipgloss, eyeliner and mascara

Ashleigh: If you didn’t choose doing makeup as a career, what other tracks would you have taken?

Loni: I probably would've been sucked into a 9-5 job in a cooperate setting. But I would've stuck with graphic design since that was my major in college.

Ashleigh: What’s the biggest beauty mistake women make?

Loni: Women's biggest mistake with beauty is not trying anything at all!

Ashleigh: Where do you see yourself in 10 years? What goals do you have for yourself?

Loni: 10years, successful makeup and possibly skin care line!

Ashleigh: What advice would you give to other aspiring makeup artists or anyone wanting to get into the beauty industry?

Loni: Its not a game, its serious business and if handled as that there's lots of success to be gained!

 Contact Loni Jones on Facebook and follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/LONZtheMUA !