Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian all wear floppy sun hats!

Everyone's wearing it. Celebs to just about any other stylish person! The floppy hat will definitely be a hit this summer. Not only is it a chic accessory, but it's a great way to protect yourself from harmful UV rays from the hot summer sun.

They're a great summer staple and can be worn with just about any outfit, whether it be a flowy summer dress, or shorts and a tee, it's a must-have in your closet for this summer!

Wide Brim Hat

Miso Lace Floppy Hat

Juicy Couture Floppy Hat

Collection XIIIX Crochet Floppy Straw Hat

What do you think about floppy sun hats? Would you wear it?