Hairspray is one of today's most famous hairstyling solutions. But did you know that, apart from preserving your many gorgeous hairstyles, hairspray has quite a number of alternative uses also? In this post I'll share 5 of these uses you probably never heard of, so read on.

1. Zipper Stiffener - Zippers have a tendency to unzip by themselves, especially if you're wearing a tight pair of jeans. Avoid this embarrassment by applying hairspray to your zipper. It will harden the zipper teeth's grip and lower the chances of an accidental exposure.

prolong life cut flowers2. Preservative for Cut Flowers - Hairspray slows down the wilting of cut flowers. It stiffens the blooms, preserving their youthful appearance in the process.

3. Fur Remover - You know how hard fur is to pick up when on the floor right? Well, to make things way easier, spray a good amount of hairspray on some tissue and scrub it on the scattered fur. It will capture them for sure!

4. Insecticide - Sick of flies, mosquitoes and other flying insects? Douse them with hairspray. The spray’s active ingredient will stiffen those insects’ wings and limbs, rendering them dead or at least paralyzed.

5. Ink Mark Remover - Hairspray’s sticky base, when rubbed, can fade ink marks off of fabrics and furniture. Spray it on the ink blots and blotches then scrub them with a rag or a toothbrush. Moments later, those stains will be no more!