Ashleigh: When did your love for makeup begin?

Krystle Karee: Well it's something I've loved ever since I was young....I was always fascinated by it.

Ashleigh: How did you get started in your career of becoming a makeup artist and what tips do you have for others who aspire the same thing? 

Krystle Karee: I had a friend who was a young artist by the name of Delicious. She had a magazine photoshoot so she asked me to do her make-up because she realized I had a knack for it, so I did, and someone who worked at Bigyard at the time named Pansy suggested I go and get certified because she saw the talent and said she knew I would do well. The tip I have for an aspiring MUA is, talent speaks loudly so just stick with it, work on your craft, and find creative ways to promote yourself.

Ashleigh: What is the toughest part of your job?

Krystle Karee: Toughest part would be the long hours on my feet 

Ashleigh: What’s a typical day like for you?
Krystle Karee: My typical day starts out with a red bull and making sure my son gets fed and taken care of, and if I don't have a shoot to go on, I'm in front of my computer working on either my personal projects or whatever freelance graphic design projects I have.

Ashleigh: What celebs have you been working with recently?

Krystle Karee: Well I have recently done some work with Timberlee, Zj Liquid, Keida and Ishawna.

Ashleigh: What are your favourite makeup/cosmetics brands to work with?

Krystle Karee: I personally love Mac products, and on the more reasonable end, I like L'oreal H.I.P stuff also because of high pigmentation.

Ashleigh: If we peeked inside your makeup kit what would we find?

Krystle Karee: A bunch of palettes with my name on it, some Mac brushes, a ziplock freezer bag filled with H.I.P foundation, then you would get lost inside.

Ashleigh: What’s the one beauty item you can’t live without?

Krystle Karee: Lipgloss because a chapped lip is not a good look.

 Ashleigh: What is your favourite make-up tip that can be used by all women?

Krystle Karee: Just dap a bit of vaseline on your eye before you apply your eyeshadow.It helps the colors pop.

Ashleigh: What’s next in your career?

Krystle Karee: Well I'm a visual communicator first, then a make-up artist, so I have recently gotten into video directing, and so I'm just working on getting some more music videos out. You can find my make-up work in some of those videos like the ones done for Keida, and a promo video with Timberlee and Liquid.  My main focus is just working at bettering my craft and growing.

Ashleigh: Where can we find your work and contact you?

Krystle Karee: I have two fan pages on Facebook.

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