The season’s new collection, ‘Journey into the Sun,’ by Peace-is of Bianca, embodies the full spectrum of the healing story of love.
Set in bold, dynamic colours of semi-precious stones against stark, limited edition gold and silver collections, ‘Journey into the Sun’ is charged with the volatile and tender passions that suggest the grandeur, simplicity and beauty of the phoenix the nearer it gets to the sun to be reenergized and reilluminated.

The journey itself began at the New Year when the Phoenix rose from the ash of the old, to the smooth, haunting pitch of Nina Simone’s music, her sorrowful and soulful moan, her cry for love and peace. All the peace-is bear the pressure of the sojourner, the one who has moved out of darkness to the enchanting light of the sun.

Spread your wings and join Peace-is of Bianca on the ‘Journey into the Sun.’

'Arizona Skies' Collection- Hand Dyed Mohave Turquoise with bronze strains set on etched sterling silver with domed brass rounds

'Arizona Skies' Collection-'Alien Attraction': Sterling Silver w/ domed brass rounds

'Whispers on the wind' collection- "Meet me There" Sterling Silver Earrings

'Whispers on the wind' Collection- "And Space Disappears" sterling silver earrings

'Water Lilly' Collection- Tumbled Crystal Quartz Nugget Mix with Custom Made offset brass lily pad pendants.

Natural Straw bangles made with local material

'Worship Me' from the 'Summer Knights Collection'- Brazilian Galaxy Drusy in a hand-crafted sterling silver bezzled setting

'Arm Me with Love' Collection- 'Overtake me' earrings:Peach faceted Agates on Sterling silver

'Arm me with love' Collection 'Regal elements' Armour- Purple Agate Slices on brass

10k Gold -Brazilian Galaxy Drusy Earrings from 'Summer Knights'

Defenceless Cuff

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