Ashleigh: Hi Ariel, tell me about yourself.
Ariel: My name is Ariel Hitchener, and I have a passion for makeup. In August of 2010, I received certification from The Face Place School of Aesthetics, so now I can call myself a Professional Makeup Artist. My goal is to make people look and feel beautiful with the help of my skills. I hope to meet new people who can also help me move forward with my career of choice. 
Ashleigh: What prompted you to get into makeup?
Ariel: Makeup is something I used to play with when I was younger. I was inspired by Loni Jones and Kymberly Wyatt's work and eventually found myself on Youtube watching videos and learning different techniques in applying makeup. I then decided to get certified at The Face Place.
Ashleigh: What was your first makeup job? How did you get it?
Ariel: My first makeup job was at Pulse Model Management for Pulse Model Search 2010. Paul March (a very successful makeup artist in Jamaica) invited myself and a few of my classmates to assist him in a fashion show.
Ashleigh: Where do you find your inspiration?
Ariel: I source ideas from other makeup artists local and abroad, and try my best to recreate the look so it can be "original".
Ashleigh: What is the toughest part of your job?
Ariel: The toughest part of my job is trying to find reasonably priced products locally.
Ashleigh: If we peeked inside your makeup kit, what would we find?
Ariel: Question is, what wouldn't you find? Lol. Just about everything you need on a daily basis. Cleansers, foundations, eye shadows, liners, lipsticks and glosses, you name it.
Ashleigh: What are your most favourite products that you're never found without?
Ariel: Lip Gloss, Eyeliner, Foundation Powder
Ashleigh: What is your favourite makeup tip that can be used by all women?
Ariel: Makeup tip when applying eye shadow - Add the darkest shadow into the crease using a small angled makeup brush. If you want the colour to be a little more dramatic, you can wet your brush before applying the shadow.
Ashleigh: Where do you see yourself in say, 5 years?
Ariel: In 5 years, I see myself finishing college & getting certified in photography. Yes I'm still a bit young. Lol.
Ashleigh: What advice do you have for young aspiring makeup artists?
Ariel: Practice, practice, practice!!! Build up a makeup kit and practice on family members and friends. Do a little research so you can catch the basics on the application, and build a portfolio so you can look at your work over the time and see that you're getting better. *Encourage Yourself*   
Ashleigh: Where can we find your work and how can we contact you?
Ariel: You can find my work on Facebook: Ariel's Makeup Artistry

Contact Info 
Tel: 8281237