Ashleigh: Describe your style.

Amita: My style is multi-dimensional. I feel that fashion can be used to describe your mood as well as your own sense of self. I don't stick to one style or a given changes with my mood.

Ashleigh: Who is your style icon?

Amita: My style icons are Beyonce, Kim K & Rihanna. I love the way they use fashion as a huge part of their images/careers. I like Kim K especially, she reminds me of old Hollywood glamour.

Ashleigh: Do you think style is important? Why?

Amita: Style is only important when it means something more than just outfits to the individual. Style can set you apart from the rest. Remember, you are usually seen before you are heard. So physical impressions do count!

Ashleigh: What makes you feel glamorous?

Amita: I love shoes! Especially stilettos....high heels! Love em! A nice pair of high heels makes me feel glamourous, no matter what the outfit is.

Ashleigh: What advice would you give to others that are trying to define their style?

Amita: Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. Apart from that, you should research current fashions trends, your fashion icons and pick what you like/love. Always keep in mind your body type and what shapes will flatter your body...not all trends fit every body type! The internet is your best friend!

Ashleigh: Who is your favorite designer?

Amita: I have a few favorite designers: Valentino, Alexander McQueen,Yves Saint Laurent,Christian Dior, Romeich Wear and Nina Ricci.

Ashleigh: Where are your favourite places to shop?

Amita: Forever 21, 20/20 (Jamaica)...basically anywhere with great customer service and hot fashions at reasonable prices. Sometimes it's easier to shop around everywhere ...pick up pieces that you love.

Ashleigh: Name one fashion trend you hate.

Amita: Any fashion trends I hate? The pants below your butt and underwear out trend that men seem to adore!

Ashleigh: When you meet the opposite sex, what is the first thing you notice about them?

Amita: When I meet a guy, the first thing I notice is their smile, their scent, and their choice of language! Who doesn't love a smooth talker?

Ashleigh: What look/style do you like best for guys? 

Amita: Any man who is well dressed is an attractive man! I love that crisp jean, plaid shirt, and matching sneakers look..with the jewelry to compliment...but my preference changes with the trends!