Ashleigh: Hey Taylor. How are you doing?

Taylor: I'm doing great!

Ashleigh: Tell us a little about yourself.

Taylor: I'm an 18 year old singer/songwriter and actress from Dallas !

Ashleigh: You starred in the well known movie Hairspray as Inez. How was that experience for you?

Taylor: It was an amazing experience. I had a chance to work with an amazing cast so I took everyday as a chance to learn.

Ashleigh: You've covered quite a few popular songs on your Youtube channel. Which would you say have been your favourite to do so far?

Taylor: "Breakeven" or "Talking to the Moon" would probably be one of my favorites. They're beautiful songs lyrically.

Ashleigh: Who are your musical inspirations?

Taylor: Beyonce, Brian McKnight, Kim Burrell, David Foster... The list goes on.

Ashleigh: Does anyone else in your family sing?

Taylor: My mother and my father sing ! My little sister has the ability to sing as well. :)

Ashleigh: Are your parents supportive of what you do?

Taylor: My parents are extremely supportive. They are the reason I am in California now. The success that I've had so far wouldn't be possible without them.

Ashleigh: Tell us a little more about your track 'Kiss Me'.

Taylor: "Kiss Me" is a track written by Leon Thomas and I. The track was produced by Niko McKnight. We played around with a few concepts and that's how "Kiss Me" came along.

Ashleigh: What do you prefer - singing or acting?

Taylor: I love them both, but if I was forced to choose one, it would be singing. Music has always and will always be a big part of my life.

Ashleigh: What's the best advice you've ever been given?

Taylor: "Do what you have to do in order to do what you want to do". This advice was given to me by my father and now it's something I live by! I constantly tell my friends and little sister the same thing.

Ashleigh: What are your plans for 2012?

Taylor: Hopefully a lot of things that were set up in 2011 will come through this year. My focus has been on writing for other artists so we'll see what happens.


TV show
- Pretty Little Liars, New Girl
Movie - Love & Basketball , The Incredibles
Actress - Rachel McAdams
Actor - Will Smith

My celeb crush is ... Kellan Lutz
The worst pick-up line I've ever received from a guy ...
Thankfully, I've never had that experience yet !
The craziest thing I have ever done ... Jump off the roof of my Texas home !
4 things I must have in my purse ... Chapstick, bank card, charger (you never know, lol) , my phone.
Growing up my hero was ... My mother.