Wanna know how you can be very fashion-forward....with a watch? It's pretty simple. These super trendy Phosphor "Appear" watches have gotten rid of the hands on the typical watch, and instead uses miniature-sized rotors that are decked out with Swarovski crystals which revolve to tell the time. So yes, your time is basically 'blinged' out! Just in case you like more 'bling' (which I know every girl does), the top ring of the watch is also adorned with Swarovski crystals! However, if you're not much of a 'bling' fan, there are watches which do not have the crystals on the top ring.

The basic "time" mode features a 12-hour display, with the hours positioned above the minutes on the face. The watch face also offers a "seconds" mode and "off" mode which shows an entire face of crystals with no time display.