Ashleigh: Describe your style.

Mimi G: I wouldn't say that I have one particular style because I am a mood dresser. Lol. Sometimes I feel super girly, sometimes I feel edgy, and sometimes I just want to be comfortable, but I always make sure that whatever the look of the day is, I am put together and always classy with some sex appeal. Feeling a little sexy always makes me walk taller and feel better.

Ashleigh: Who is your style icon?

Mimi G: My style Icon would be DVF. If you read my blog you know she is my favorite designer and she always looks like a lady. I also follow other bloggers. I admire Folake of Style Pantry because she keeps her looks funky and always fresh. Most of my style icons are not the celebrities in the fashion magazines but the editors like, former editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris, Carine Roitfeld.That woman always looks amazing!

Ashleigh: Do you think style is important?

Mimi G: Yes! Why? I think individual style is important because it helps people identify who you are and what you are about. I think that its most important because its easy to follow a trend by slapping on whatever the magazines/ads/celebs are wearing, but it is much harder to take that trend and incorporate it into your own individual style to separate yourself from the masses.

Ashleigh: Where are your favourite places to shop?

Mimi G: I am a serious online shopper! I can't help it and I am an addict, lol! But because I live in Los Angeles, I have access to so many boutiques and amazing vintage shops like Shareens. I love the H&M and F21's of the world and I often find myself at Zara to see what's new that week.

Ashleigh: Who is your favorite designer?

Mimi G: I love so many but as I mentioned above, DVF is one of my favorites. I also love Michael Kors for his handbags and jewelry. I am a series fan of Karl Lagerfeld, he just designs the most amazing pieces.

Ashleigh: What's the name of your blog and when did you start blogging?

Mimi G: My blog's name is Mimi G Style and I started blogging about 6 years ago.

Ashleigh: Going through your blog I've realised you make your own clothes too. Is this always easy and why did you decide to do this?

Mimi G: I learned to sew when I was 12 and I was immediately fascinated with the process. Sewing has always been a hobby but over the last 6 years it has become my life, my passion, and what I do every spare minute I have. It was not easy when I started because I am a self taught seamstress so there were so many trial and error moments, but with time and patience you can master many things. I decided when I started my blog to simply document what I was making for myself so I could look back at my work, but then it became more than that and soon I had followers, and with followers comes pressure to entertain them so they keep visiting. So I found that their interest was in what I made and how I made it and shortly after I started making my own versions of designer duds I couldn't afford but knew I could come close to knocking off, that is the main reason I sew. I want to be in the now and I want to look like a million dollars, but I have to do it on a budget so sewing allows me to do that.

Ashleigh: What makes you feel glamorous?

Mimi G: Shiny things! Lol. I am totally a girly girl and I love anything that sparkles. I feel glamorous in sky high heels so I wear them almost everyday. I feel glamorous when I have my jewelry on and a dress. I love dresses!

Ashleigh: Are there any trends you are particularly inspired by this season?

Mimi G: I like many of them and on my blog you can see that I was totally into bright/neon colors. I followed the animal print trend and I am getting into pastels at the moment but I never go overboard. I like to use the trend in small doses so that my closet doesn't end up being a big box of trends that I need to recycle once they are "out".

Ashleigh: Any trends from the past you would like to see today?

Mimi G: I like where we are at the moment and trends always have a tendency to come back around. Who knew in the 70's that flares and big sunnies would make a return? I know my mom didn't. Lol. Honestly, there is nothing "new" anymore, it's just re-worked and updated.

Ashleigh: Name one fashion trend you hate.

Mimi G: I don't think I "hate" any particular trend right now, but I am so glad that the UGG boots with shorts thing is gone because it just looked a hot mess. Currently the only thing that really bugs me is what I call the "rainbow bright" look. There are too many multi-neon color striped disasters out there and folks don't seem to know how to use them correctly. Too much of any one thing is bad. Use neutral colors to balance the brightness please, lol.

Ashleigh: What advice would you give to others that are trying to define their style?

Mimi G: Don't worry so much about what is trending. Focus on key pieces that FIT CORRECTLY and can become staples in your wardrobe and build around that, then try venturing into trend by using them sparingly in your accessories, clutches etc. Defining your style is about staying true to who you are, so if you are not into heels and dresses don't do it just because everyone else is rocking them. If you are a jeans & t-shirt kinda girl, work the hell out of those jeans and tee!

Ashleigh: Name one beauty product you cannot live without.

Mimi G: I cannot live without my bath and body works lipgloss!

Ashleigh: What look/style do you like best for guys?

Mimi G: I love a man in a suit! But, I also love the cardigan, print button down shirt with jeans. It's casual but super sexy! I like when men venture out of the norm and add color and print to their wardrobes.