Help JA Children 

Help JA Children is seeking your support to raise awareness about the high levels of abuse our nation’s children are subjected to by their families, relatives, caregivers, friends and many others.
On April 1, 2012, the Jamaica Observer gave us a chilling reminder of the dire realities that Jamaica’s children face. In a story written by Ingrid Brown, a doctor from The Bustamante Hospital for Children shared some of the atrocities inflicted upon our children.
The article included some graphic details about some of the cases this doctor has treated and will bring tears to your eyes. Sadly, the article unveilsonly a small part of the picture. The state of our nation’s children needs to be addressed with urgency, vigour and passion but we find that many people are not aware of the reality of the situation.
Help JA Children is organising a march, from the Bustamante Hospital for Children to Emancipation Park on Tuesday, May 1, 2012. The route for the march will be confirmed soon.
There will be a rally at Emancipation Park with speakers who may be from organisations such as The Office of the Children’s Advocate (OCA), The Centre for The Investigation of Sexual Offences (CISOCA), The Office of the Children’s Registrar (OCR), Jamaicans For Justice (JFJ) and our own organisation. An entertainment package is also being finalised.

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