1. Compact mirror – This is one thing that is always with me. It makes it a lot easier to steal a quick look to make sure everything is in place….then if necessary I take that trip to the bathroom lol. Mine has two mirrors (one is a closer look and the other a bit more distant), so I can see just about everything I need to!

2. Dark brown eyeliner – This has become probably the most important makeup item for me because even if I don’t have on foundation, I’ve got on eyeliner (which I use to fill my eyebrows and of course to line my lids). If your eyes are the windows to your soul then that makes my lids, lashes and brows the curtains…..I already have long lashes so I’ve got to make the lids and brows look good! =]

3. Maybelline Lipgloss – I’m all for nude lips and simple gloss (unless I’m going for a popping red), so my Maybelline shinylicious lipgloss is a dear friend. The colour I use varies depending on the mood I’m in when I’m getting dressed though.

4. Nailpolish– This is definitely one of my top ten must-haves! My Mom has gotten me into the habit of ensuring that I always have sandal ready feet! I usually go for pinks and blues but sometimes I go out of the box with a neon or a pastel colour. Most times my fingernails are without polish because I change my mind so often that once I’m undecided I keep them clear….otherwise I end up with one colour for about three days and then get tired of the colour (or it chips) and I get it off.

5. Clean & Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets – My face can get oily so my oil absorbing sheets are the perfect way for me to get rid of the unwanted sheen without smudging my makeup or getting bits of tissue on my face (neither of which is cool). Plus the package is so nice and slim that it can even fit into my pocket without being obvious.

6. Aloe Vera Gel – This is my little miracle healing agent whether it’s a bug bite, post-wax skin or a burn (from the curling iron, cooking or the sun). I use this to soothe my skin especially if I’m applying makeup, after I wax my brows, or get a curling iron burn. It also works as a nice hair gel to keep the stray hairs in place.

7. St Ives Facial Cleansers – Currently I’m using two St Ives cleansers. In the morning I give myself a mini-face scrub with the St Ives Naturally Clear Apricot Scrub for Blemish and Blackhead Control; then in the evening when I need to get makeup off, I use the St Ives Fresh Skin Make-up Remover and Facial Cleanser. Both work perfectly together and smell great.

8. Revlon Curl Softly Gel Moisturizer – Although I usually have my hair straightened, my natural hair is curly. So when I do decide to go natural, I use the Revlon Curl Softly Gel Moisturizer to keep my hair soft and my curls hydrated. It even rehydrates curls after the hair dries so the ‘day to night’ curly hair can keep looking fresh and bouncy.

9. Pantene Medium-Thick Frizzy to Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner – With these natural curls, I’ve got to find every way to reduce that unwanted frizz. This shampoo and conditioner works quite nicely whether my hair is going to be styled curly or straight. and of course it smells nice so that’s a plus. =]

10. Eclipse Mints – Besides the general beauty products, fresh breath is a must if you’re talking to persons, and just about all my ‘hats’ require me to do that! I keep my Eclipse sugarless peppermint breath mints handy and pop one whenever I feel the fresh breath feeling going away. Whether I’m just going into the supermarket or going into a meeting, these nail-sized mints are a must!