Hey guys, my graduation is this Tuesday(June 26). I'm no longer a high school student! Woohoo!This will be my second high school graduation actually, as I had graduated from Grade 11/5th form when I attended Glenmuir High School. However, I went on to Grade 12 & 13, which is more commonly known as 6th form, at Denbigh High School. I'm grateful for just about everything right now. I have accomplished so much throughout my entire life, especially during my years at Denbigh High. It makes me so happy to know that my hard work has paid off, and it puts this huge smile on my face when I know I'm making my parents, my family, my friends, my teachers & everyone who has been behind me throughout all these years very proud. The support I get from everyone is indescribable, & everyday I'm reminded of how blessed I am, especially when I realise I have these people.

Now on to university! Fortunately, I got accepted to The University of West Indies (Mona) in Jamaica in January where I'll be studying to get my degree in Integrated Marketing Communication. Therefore, the school work NEVER ends! Lol. This also means that I leave home in August. Mixed feelings here guys, you know I'll miss coming home to some good dinner and seeing my family everyday, but a LITTLE more freedom is the good part. ;) I promise to continue to work hard, get some cash, and open my own business very soon!

Thanks for all the love & support....