1. Dove. I absolutely love Dove soap. I admit I don't use many face cleansers. I usually just grab a bottle of water and Dove soap to clean my face every morning and night.

2. I recently just switched my foundations. I now use Bare Minerals and I absolutely love it. Bare Minerals gives you a very fresh look with full coverage for blemishes and it's also good for your skin.

3. I use Black Opal concealer. Gives great coverage.

4. L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black Massacre is my favorite. It gives me full dark edgy eyelashes without applying false ones.

5. RED LIPS. Everyone who knows or sees me around knows I will almost always have on a red lip. It's so classy and sexy to me. I use a dark red or brown lip liner to outline my lips then apply the lipstick. MAC's Ruby Woo is the best.

6. Contouring is a must. Never apply a full face of make up without contouring. Bronzer or blush is a must. Highlight your cheek bones, it helps give that fierce model look. Lol :-P ... Bare Minerals Warmth Bronzer or Mac's Matte Bronzer.

7. Grooming. Make sure your eyebrows are always well managed. People don't realize that will make or break your look. I love eyebrow threading because it lasts longer than waxing and most methods. Don't try to draw in too much on your eye brows. It is important to keep the natural arch.

8. I have very thick hair and I've learned that L'Oreal works the best. I love their conditioner, it helps me manage my hair a lot easier.

9. Victoria Secrets Beach Sexy Bronzer Lotion is my favourite. It gives me that sun kissed look without being in the sun for hours. I'm already beach ready before actually hitting the beach. Lol :)

10. BE YOURSELF! I do what I want beauty and fashion wise. Do not be scared to take chances that others won't. Whether its switching your foundation, cutting your hair, designing your own clothes, DO IT! It's no fun being boring. Be a risk taker and a dare devil with beauty. Try that red lip you don't think will look right. Chances are, in my case, it became my favourite beauty product and my own signature. ;)

God Bless !