While shopping at ROSS over the weekend for college items, I spotted this really cute headphone. Pink, purple, girly and way too fab! Let's just say I couldn't leave it, and with a price tag of just $12.99, who would anyway? Now I am never one for walking around with anything in my ears, hence I don't have headphones, and right now I don't own a music player either. Lol.  But this changed all that. I've never wanted an Ipod so much in my entire life just so I can walk around with this little cutie. The earbuds are super comfy too!

However, seeing that I've never in my entire life heard about this brand, I was pretty skeptical about how good it really was. I tried it out a few days after, & guess what? It was great!

Of course I googled them to see what more this company has to offer. You can visit their page here! On there you'll see the many other stylish designs they have and make your purchases.

Not very clear, but here's another design that was available at ROSS too: