Ashleigh: Describe your style.

Ashley Miles: I like the trends! But at the same time I always manage a little lady-like influence. I look at style as a personal expression. So, some days I’m fun in a mini, others I might be meek in a maxi.

Ashleigh: Who is your style icon?

Ashley Miles: I have a few. I think Bianca Jagger is amazing! I also like Jennifer Lopez and how she always manages to have bombshell looks. Another one to mention, and I would say is an icon in the making, is Jessica Alba.

Ashleigh: Do you think style is important? Why?

Ashley Miles: Yes. It’s an expression of you. Style is unique to the individual so it should be organic as much as possible. If we all wore the exact same thing, I think people would still alter it to make it their own.

Ashleigh: What makes you feel glamorous?

Ashley Miles: Dresses and high heels!

Ashleigh: What advice would you give to others that are trying to define their style?

Ashley Miles: Don’t wear anything that makes you uncomfortable, because it won’t look good on if it makes you feel bad. And sometimes risks can yield great results. So don’t be scared…after all, they are just clothes!

Ashleigh: Who is your favorite designer?

Ashley Miles: Michael Kors does a great job of making “American” style glamorous and affordable. But ultimately, mine would have to be Escada.

Ashleigh: Where are your favorite places to shop?

Ashley Miles: Zara, H&M, Dillard’s, Forever21, and online NastyGal and Bluefly.

Ashleigh: Name one fashion trend you hate.

Ashley Miles: I am open to most trends. The only thing I can say I don’t love is probably ballet flats.  I like heels myself so I prefer a shoe with a bit more pizzazz to it.

Ashleigh: When you meet the opposite sex, what is the first thing you notice about them?

Ashley Miles: If they look me in the eye when they speak.

Ashleigh: What look/style do you like best for guys?

Ashley Miles: I like a well dressed man. Men wear confidence, so no matter the occasion, I like a guy that knows he looks good. And a well tailored suit doesn’t hurt either! - Visit her blog!