Christmas is just around the corner. We're making that list already, and some of us have even started to do some gift shopping. But girls, have you decided what to get for your best friend yet? If you haven't, no worries! Here's a guide that will give you perfect ideas on what to get her! Guys, if you're having problems getting that special gift for your girl, these will surely be helpful to you too. ☺

Note: This will be a LENGTHY post loaded with pictures! But hey, read on for great gift ideas.

Alphabet Earring Holder

Diamond Tears On-Ear Headphones

Royale Hair Straightener

Medium Classic Jewelry Storage Box
Jewelry Storage Box

Fancy by Jessica Simpson

Jaqua Raspberry Buttercream Frosting Guilt-Free Body Treats

limited-edition picture perfect™ curler and deluxe lights, camera, lashes!™ 4-in-1 mascara -
Tarte Eyelash Curler & Mascara

La Mer Triple Wrap Watch with Gold Chain - Tan
La Mer Triple Wrap Watch with Gold Chain - Tan

Superstar Nail Lacquer - Solely For Socials

Cracked White and Gold Beads with Sideways Cross Bracelet
Cracked White and Gold Beads with Sideways Cross Bracelet

Arm candy set - Gold pyramid beads and White knot - woven bracelet
Arm Candy Set - Gold Pyramid Beads and White Knot - Woven Bracelet

Best Friend Necklace, Gold, Butterfly, Best Friend Yin Yang Necklace
Best Friend Necklace

GlamHEAD Petal Headband with satin bow tie at the back

Apple iPad 2

Canon PowerShot A3400

Victoria's Secret Bombshell Diamonds

Victoria's Secret Limited Edition Heavenly Gloss and Go Keychain

Charming White Bow iPhone case iphone 4/4s case iphone 5 case iphone hard case iPhone clear case iphone cover bling case handmade
iPhone Case

Tomboy Traveler

Juicy Couture Deco Leather Phone Wristlet

Missbeehaven Party Dress