Us women like to get our nails done, don't we? But after just a couple of days, and sometimes weeks, they split, chip, peel and crack. Now isn't that the most frustrating thing ever?
Well here's how you can help your manicure to stay put for much longer.

 1. ALWAYS start with a clean nail!
Before adding your base coat, always remove residue with a cotton ball and a little acetone. This helps to remove any lotion, oil, or water that will prevent your nail polish from clinging to the nail.
2. A base coat is your best friend!
When you use a base coat, the nail polish sticks better to it than if you were supposed to just put it on the nail itself. Therefore, NEVER go without your base coat!
3. Use a clear coat daily
Apply a clear coat to your nails to prevent chipping, as it acts as a protective barrier. It makes a difference.
4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate
Moisture is very important to your nails. A top coat is good, but your nails need lots more to prevent it from splitting and peeling after your polish dries. Apply cuticle oil once or twice a day to your nails to keep them looking brand new.