I haven't been blogging much for various reasons. Firstly, I had exams and I was way too busy studying. This week especially was very hectic, because I had three finals back to back. I literally just got 3 hours of sleep for those days.

Also, as you guys may have seen in my Christmas Treats For Sale post, I have started my very own business selling treats. So far I've only been doing cheesecake stuffed strawberries, chocolate covered marshmallows (everyone's favourite), chocolate covered apples, candy apples, and chocolate covered strawberries. This takes up most of my time everyday, but I'm loving it, so no biggie! :) Everything is going great so far, and I'm looking forward to bigger and better things in the future.

I'm also in the process of starting my next business which will launch in January. I'm very excited about that one, and I can't wait to share more details with you guys soon!

Here's some chocolate covered strawberries for you guys! :)