I'm sure we've all heard about this product, MoroccanOil Treatment. Many persons fancy it, and so sometime last year I decided to purchase it to see if it was worth the hype. I paid about $20, yes, $20, for that little 25 ml bottle you see in the picture above. Was it worth it? It definitely was.

For those of you who are not familiar with the MoroccanOil Treatment, it's basically a mixture of argan oil that is derived from argan trees in Morocco, which contains vitamins and nutrients to make your hair strong and healthy, along with other ingredients.

How I use it? I normally apply the oil to my damp hair then roller set it. I also apply it before blow drying and flat ironing to protect my hair from all the heat. It is very much okay to use on dry hair also. I apply just a pea-sized amount on my dry hair when it's raining or when the time is really cold to prevent it from transforming into a huge frizz ball. At first I was a bit worried that it would make my hair oily, but it didn't, so it earns a plus right there. The formula is also really light, and my hair absorbs it instantly. As for the scent, it's not overpowering. As a matter of fact, by the time your hair dries, you'll hardly be smelling anything. It really does make my hair softer and more manageable without all the grease. I've heard many persons complaining about the treatment containing silicone (the ingredients list Cyclomethicone), but I personally have nothing against it.

Rating: 9.5/10

I decided to use my MoroccanOil Treatment today to show you how it goes for me. Firstly, I washed my hair with my Aussie Shampoo & Conditioner (that really works I must say). I decided to stay away from any form of heat this time around (or maybe I was just lazy to do anything), so instead of blow drying and flat ironing, I applied some of the oil to my damp hair, working from the ends to the roots, and allowed it to air dry (which is a whole lot safer anyways). Normally they recommend just a pea-sized amount of oil, but it all depends on the thickness and length of your hair. Mine takes a whole lot more than that. After it was dried completely, I just wrapped it for a few minutes (about half an hour to be exact), brushed it out, and voila! My ends are looking a bit awful because I'm in need of a haircut, but apart from that, my hair is really smooth and light, and fortunately, I won't need to bring out my Royale ceramic straightener today.

Here's a closer look.