The Miss UWI 2013 pageant was held on Sunday March 10 at The Vice Chancellor Building. My friends & I attended, so I just wanted to give a little review on the event.

Firstly, the pageant was scheduled to commence at 7:30, but didn't get off the ground until about 8:30, which was good enough (I got there around that time anyways) :). The setup was ok I guess. Nothing too fancy, but good enough for a pageant at that level. However, when I arrived, I realised there were no more chairs. NOT EVEN ONE. This would now mean I would have to stand and 6 inch heels that is. No bueno. They eventually went for more chairs, and of course if you were dying to sit like I was, you would have to run to get them when the van came, or you keep standing. That was the only downfall for me though.

The girls opened the show parading in their lovely dresses, which had the audience cheering for their favourites. They then graced the stage one by one to introduce themselves. Swimwear segment was next, and well, I don't think they got it entirely right. Some of the swimsuits just did not work for some of the girl's body type. Apart from that, all went well. The males in the crowd definitely enjoyed themselves here.

The talent segment I would say was my higlight for the night. It started out on a low, but then Jasmine Taylor took the stage, and that was when my night was made (I'm sure about everyone else's too). Lol. The girl sings, dances, and don't forget, she dances with fire too! Lol. Absolute PERFECTION right there. Had everyone talking. Two other performances I thoroughly enjoyed were that of Anika Robinson and Kyesha Randall. Very entertaining.

Jasmine Taylor

Kyesha Randall

Anika Robinson

Unfortunately I will not comment on the evening wear segment. Those who were in attendance will understand what I mean. At this point I was a bit confused about where I was and what was happening...

In the end, Kyesha Randall was crowned Miss UWI Mona 2013, Jasmine Taylor - 1st runner up, and Sherina Slater - 2nd runner up.

Overall, I do think the team did a fairly good job with the event, and I enjoyed myself. For that, I give it a 9/10.