Ashleigh: Tell us a little about yourself.

Sue: My name is Sue-Ann Gregg , popularly known as "The Makeup Girl". I'm a professional makeup artist, certified in Advance Bridal Makeup. I'm also 19, a libra, and currently studying Intergrated Marketing Communication at U.W.I.

Ashleigh: How did you discover your passion for beauty? How did you get started?

Sue: My passion for all things beauty came gradually. I come from a family that does place value on appearance and carrying yourself well. As it relates to makeup, I was exposed to it at a young age as a dancer, and I began playing it in high school. You know, a little lipgloss here, a little eyeliner there. I started thinking about this professionally in mid 2011. I realized I had a knack for it, and I had a lot of persons pushing and supporting me, so I started really practising and doing research. My first photoshoot was on October 2, 2011. I am 100% self taught.

Ashleigh: What is the most exciting or challenging opportunity you have had as a makeup artist?

Sue: Hmm... Fashion Week 2012. The single MOST hectic, fast-paced experience of my life. Loved it.

Ashleigh: If your hands could grace makeup on any face, who would it be?

Sue: Hmm. Usually when I get this question I say Tessanne Chin, but now I know she does her own makeup, so I have to choose someone else. Lol. I would say, maybe Kelly Rowland. She has great features.

Ashleigh: Name one product or tool you can't live without.

Sue: My brushes!!

Ashleigh: If we took a peek inside your makeup kit, what would we see?

Sue: Skin care items, lipsticks, pencils, eyeshadows, primers, brushes, blushes, lashes. Everything & anything makeup related.

Ashleigh: So far, for 2013, what has been your favourite beauty product?

Sue: I have been loving my Ben Nye face powders... They're a must have in my current kit.

Ashleigh: Are there any makeup artists you look up to in the industry?

Sue: Sam Fine, Pat Mcgrath, Kevyn Aucoin, and Mario Dedivanovic.

Ashleigh: What sets you apart from other makeup artists?

Sue: I have a unique style that I have developed over time. Think of it as you would a model's "signature walk". You can just know that The Makeup Girl did her makeup. That's a great thing because it is indeed a highly saturated industry, so I'm very thankful for that uniqueness.

Ashleigh: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Sue: In five years I see myself excelling internationally in this industry and truly building my brand beyond my imagination.

Ashleigh: Any tips or advice you would give to someone just starting?

Sue: Practice , practice , practice & practice. And also, try not to be discouraged by difficulties- stay persistent and you will achieve.


I find inspiration... through living- seeing new things , meeting new people. Sometimes I'll see a face & think "wow!" and the river of creativity just flows.

The best advice I’ve received is... "just do it yourself". Taught me to be independent and not to wait on anyone. As long as I trust in God, he'll see me through.

My best beauty secret... I can't tell you that it wouldn't be a secret. Just kidding! My best beauty secret is sea salt. Its a great exfoliant , it softens skin and helps to combat acne.