Happy Wednesday everyone! I just wanted to introduce a new trend that I've been noticing recently - barefoot sandals!

Barefoot sandals are simply this. It's beaded straps or jewelry that you wear on your toes and ankles. Considering that there is absolutely NO soles or heels, barefoot sandals are merely decoration for the feet. It is a popular item among brides at beach weddings, as it would be uncomfortable to wear heels to walk down the aisle...in sand. Imagine toppling over on your big day? Nobody wants that!

I'm not sure I would get in on this trend (though it would be a hot accessory to wear on the beach), but I do adore the many different designs I've come across. Check out a few below, along with the link to purchase them.

Gypsy Purple Barefoot Sandals
Purple Princess Barefoot Sandals
Lotus Barefoot Sandals
Crystal Barefoot Sandals
Turquoise with Crystal Barefoot Sandals
Silver and Turquoise Oval Barefoot Sandals
Bronze Chain with Jewel Tones Barefoot Sandals
Black with Teal Flower Barefoot Sandals