There is no doubt that love is in the air, and wedding season is indeed in full effect. As women, we are often faced with the challenge of what to wear. But before I go into that, I'll tell you what you definitely should not. 
  • White is a definite no-no. You do not want to compete with the beautiful bride. That means nothing too close to white either, so no ivory, no cream, no off-white, none of that.
  • Weddings are elegant events, so save the party outfits for the club. It doesn't work well at weddings, and you'll only come across as trashy.
  • Please, no jeans! No matter how dressy your top is!
So now that I've said all that, I think we all have a basic idea of what we can wear. It's all about being classy. Your invitations may also state the dress code for the wedding, and it is important that you follow this. Below I've created three looks that you can choose from based on the requirements for the wedding you'll be attending.

What To Wear To A Wedding : Black Tie


What To Wear To A Wedding : Cocktail

What To Wear To A Wedding : Beach