Nail polishes are a girl's best friend, and a challenge we face with our tons of coloured lovies for our nails is how to store them. I found some very interesting ways to store your lacquers and I will share them below.

1. Nail Polish Storage Cubes

You can get this and similar ones here!

2. Trays

Paula from over at PinkBow shows you how she stores her nail polishes on this cute little glass tray above. You can get a regular tray and add your little spin to it however you like. I also found this cute little one here, even though it's a little pricey.      

3. Spice Rack

Who said a spice rack only belonged to your spices in the kitchen? Thay make a great storage option for your nail polishes too. Get the one above here. So inexpensive, who wouldn't love it?

4. Nail Polish Rolls

These nail polish rolls from Roo Beauty can hold up to 12 polishes. Roll it up and take your polishes wherever you go!

5. Glass Jar

Though the glass jar doesn't allow your polishes to stand upright, it does offer a beautiful display while still holding your colours. You can get these here and here!

6. Cupcake Stand

Alma from Honey Lushy gives us more ideas for storing your polishes with the help of a cupcake stand. Cute, right? You can get some cute ones here, here, and here!
7. Nail Polish Wall Rack 

Just like in the nail salon, this acrylic nail rack allows you to store up to 90 nail polishes, and the good thing? You get to see all your colours. You can get this exact one here.

8. Jewelry Hanger

Such a brilliant idea! You can hide them off in the closet when you're done. Similar ones here and here!

9. Storage containers

Like this!

10. At the side of a bookshelf

Definitely my favourite. A very creative way!