Your carry-on bag when travelling is a modern day necessity. However, choosing one that is stylish and not outdated can be a major problem! I've compiled a list of 6 of my current favourite carry-ons that are practical yet very fashionable. If you ever find one that you think fits this criteria, feel free to share the link in the comment section so that both me and my other lovely readers can check them out.
6 Stylish Carry-Ons

Traveling by airplane can be very risky business when it comes on to your luggage, as you have no control over what might happen to it. So what happens if your luggage ends up missing? That's where a carry-on comes in handy. This item can immediately become a lifesaver, and so it's important to have the right items in it to be on the safe side. If you're not sure what to pack, here is a list of 5 carry-on essentials:

1. Travel-size toiletries
Get important toiletries you use on a regular basis such as deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, and your little cosmetics you will need, and pack them in your carry-on luggage. Because these are usually way smaller than the regular sizes, they will fit comfortably and still leave a lot more space for your other items. There are tons of available travel-size toiletry kits available that contains some of your essentials. However, you can always personalize these and add a few more to suit you.

2. Extra clothing
In the event that you lose your luggage, having an extra outfit will serve as a back up until you are able to purchase new ones. Make sure to put some undergarments inside as well!

3. A little entertainment
Whether it be books, magazines, or your favourite electronics such as your iPod, it's good to have something on hand so you can keep yourself entertained. This is particularly true for super long flights that can get quite boring.

4. Copies of important documents
Even though you will carry your important documents such as your passport and I.D., it's always good to keep copies just in case anything happens to get misplaced. Also, keep a copy of any transportation or accommodation plans you have made.

5. Valuables
Of course, this includes jewelry, money, cameras, your purse and just about anything else of sentimental value that you would hate to lose. If it can't fit, then don't bring it!

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