- When you look good, you feel good! -

Getting up to go to the gym can be quite a struggle. Who wouldn't rather lay in bed, eat a bag of chips (or chocolate), and watch a movie? However, with the recent push by many around the world towards a more healthy and active lifestyle, many women have been putting out much more effort to get up, go out, and work their butts off.

Now I know many of you may say there's no need to put yourself together to go the gym especially since you'll be sweating up a storm. The truth is, you can still look fashionable while getting your sweat on. This however does not mean packing on eyeliner, mascara and the whole works. With workout clothes slowly making its way to the front of the fashion scene, finding trendy outfits for the gym are now super easy! For this post I used the brand Nike for outfit ideas. I personally love Nike because they have a wide colourful selection of gym clothing that are not only very simple and stylish, but it will not cost you a fortune. Here are three looks I created for you. Let's 'Work It Out'!

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