This post is a little different from what I had planned to do today, but I just wanted to have a little chat with you guys about my favourite season of the year. I actually submitted my last exam for my 2nd year in university last month, but my summer never really starts until I receive all my final exam grades for the semester. Fortunately, I received my grades about two weeks ago and they were pretty awesome. Therefore, it's safe to say that I am officially on summer break!

At the end of every summer that I can possibly remember, there are always tons of people complaining about how they did absolutely nothing, how lame their summer break was, and how it flew by quickly. Heck! I am more than guilty when it comes to this one! I am the one to sit around the house and complain how boring the summer is before I actually go out there and do something.

A few weeks ago I actually did some thinking and realised that the key to having a great summer is doing some minor planning, just so you have an idea of what it is that you really want to do. When you have it all planned out, it helps you become more organized, and eventually helps you with making your summer holiday more fun.

For this reason, I have decided to give you a few tips and ideas on what to do this summer to get you up and out there.

1. Visit Another Country

Visiting different countries opens the door to many new experiences such as meeting different people, trying out different foods, hearing different music, and so much more. The beauty of travelling is not just about the fact that you get to learn new things, but you also get the opportunity to discover some very interesting places. I endorse visiting new places because it allows you to view life from different perspectives and just enjoy life on a whole. My tip is to work with your budget, as planning an amazing trip need not be super expensive. Always browse around for different options and select the one that is best suited for you. This summer I would love to visit Barbados. What about you?

2. Tour Your Own Country

For those who may not have the option of visiting another country, touring your own country is just as great. You would be amazed to find some hidden gems that you never knew existed. Take a road trip, spend a weekend at a villa, discover different places that offer fun activities that you can try out. The options are endless. I am from Jamaica, and so my plan is to go to different parishes and visit some beautiful areas my country has to offer. Portland is of course on the top of my list! :)

3. Take A Class/Learn A Skill

No, I'm not talking about your boring lectures you had to suffer with this past semester. What about cooking or baking classes? Yoga, maybe? Or even a few classes to learn a new language. Now is the time to take part in activities you wouldn't have the time to engage in because school hours wouldn't allow. If you've always wanted to become a professional makeup artist for example, don't hesistate to get enrolled in a makeup artistry school and get certified.

4. Intern! Intern! Intern!

Internships are a smart way to gain experience in whichever field you plan to dive into after college. They not only help you in getting a better understanding when it comes on to what your major entails, but it also provides opportunities for full time jobs upon leaving college, especially if your employer was pleased with your performance. It's always worth a try.

How do you plan to spend your summer?

*The photograph in this post belongs to me and was taken at Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica.

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