With a new month comes a...new hairstyle? Say hello to crochet braids! After doing the big chop in March this year, I've experimented with quite a number of protective styles such as weaves and senegalese twists. However, I was desperately in need of a change. First I thought I would wear my natural hair out, but even though growth is evident, it's still not at a length I would love it to be. So after much googling, I decided the next best thing was crochet braids. It's such a fuss free style, and since lately, I haven't been in the mood to do a darn thing, especially when it comes to maintaining my hair. I had a talk with one of my very good friends who has been sporting the style for a while and she hooked me up with her stylist. Now I don't know a thing or two about this hair thing, but she was very patient even when I asked 5 million questions. I decided to go for a curl which was similar to my natural curl pattern (or so I think). Faking it till I make it! Plus, curls make me feel like a whole new person.

The maintenance is so simple. I twist it in two at nights, wear a satin cap, get up, shake it, and go! Definitely the perfect hairstyle for a college student who is too lazy for classes, and too lazy to flat iron her leave out in the mornings. I think I'll be testing out Crochet Braids in different curl patterns for at least a next month because it's really such a big thing.

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