Like fashion, I've always had a passion for interior designing. I believe that fashion and interior design are closely intertwined, as they influence each other in many different ways such as colours, materials, textures, and patterns. With that said, how you style yourself and how you style your home can be very similar. Today I decided to do a little design feature on coffee table styling, simply because it popped into my head at 11 p.m. last night.
A coffee table is often the centrepiece in a living room, yet it is often left blank or cluttered. Like any other room or piece in the house, a coffee table can be styled to perfection with just a few basic accessories. Five of these accessories I tend to go for are:
1. Trays
Trays are perfect for grouping your items on the table to prevent them from looking scattered. I prefer to place the flowers and candles in them, and place the books with decorative accents beside them outside of the tray.
2. Candles
A personal favourite when decorating anywhere, I love adding in candles of varying lengths in the tray to add some height to the table.
3. Books
Books are a great way to inject your personality into a space. So if you're into fashion, sports, design, or whatever it may be, you can stack (or just use a single book) some great looking hardcover books that showcase that.
4. Flowers
Flowers are perfect for adding colour and texture and bringing a little bit of nature indoors.
5. Decorative Accents
To top things off, a decorative object can be used. Make it interesting. Use unique shapes or something that reflects your personality.

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