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To my lovely readers, Happy New Year to you and your family. I wish for you guys a year filled with many wonderful opportunities, health, love, happiness, and success. I was never the one to make New Year resolutions, but this year, I want to produce better blog posts, build my brand, and just enjoy doing all the things I love. 
New Year's Eve : Just wanted to share with you my "Face Of The Day" for New Years Eve. I know nothing major about makeup, but I do try to perfect how I apply it by watching YouTube videos, and getting little tips from MUA's. I haven't switched any products up, so I achieved this look by using the products from my "My Basic Makeup Routine" post. Unfortunately I have no pictures of my full outfit, but I'll be sure to drop that in soon with more details.

Necklace : Style District | Cropped Tee: Tilly's | Skirt: Style District | Bracelet: Style Savvy | Clutch: Ross Dress for Less | Heels: Agaci

New Year's Day : Starting the New Year off on a bright note, I decided to pop out my pink blazer and mint skater skirt. I honestly do not remember where I bought my blazer from, but it is one of my favourite pieces in my closet. I love the fit, but instead of wearing it out, I tucked it in for a change, along with my white cropped tee. The mint skater skirt has a spongey material, and the texture may be a bit strange to some. However, I absolutely love how structured it is, and I can't wait to style it once more. As you may have noticed, I'm wearing my cut-out cuff bracelet from Style Savvy, and my nude and gold box clutch from Ross, which seems to be going well with everything I've been wearing lately (and I don't mind!). Originally I planned to hop into my classic nude pumps, but I decided to add some flair with these babies, which, might I add, are so comfortable I could sleep in them.
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