Cropped Tee: Tilly's | Skirt: Rednarim | Heels: Agaci

Can I just tell you how late this post is???
Originally I had this planned for Valentine's Day along with Double Floral, but final year projects have been swallowing me whole!
Blogging is not so simple as everyone thinks. I spent over 3 hours shooting just two outfits. Yes, TWO outfits. Add another 3 hours selecting the 'best' ones, editing them, and the whole works. Nevertheless, I finally got around to posting.
I've always wanted a tulle skirt, particularly in white or red. Seeing that Valentine's Day was just around the corner, I figured it would be a great concept to have a shoot with one. Unfortunately, my magical idea came a bit too late, and I realised that if I ordered and shipped this Red Fantasy Tulle Skirt from Windsor Store, it wouldn't be here in time. This is where 'Mission: Designer Friend" came into play. Instead of not having my beloved skirt here in time, I sent the picture to a friend of mine and he made it for me instead.
Boy, was it perfect! I loved how poofy it was, but not too big for my tiny frame. The skirt is obviously the centre of attention, so I just paired it with my white cropped tee and Valentino-inspired sandals.
Happy (late?) Valentine's Day once more, & have a great Monday!

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