As I sit here juggling final assignments, I can't help but dream about decorating my very own home office when the time comes. 

My dream home office would boast a very contemporary vibe. Of course, my choice of colour for the walls and furniture would be white. I wasn't always an "all white" girl when it came to interior decorating, but as a blogger, you learn to appreciate the brightness and cleanliness of white, especially when dealing with product photography in your own space.

Before you go thinking all white is boring, let me inform you that it gives you the opportunity to go all out with accessorizing. I love gold, so that would definitely be an accent colour for my office. A white and gold combo is sooo chic. I'm also yet to get over my crazy phase of pink loving, so I would use that for a pop of colour for items such as wall art and throw pillows. A paper tray would also be a must, as it would aid with keeping all my files organized instead of being thrown all over the desk, allowing it to appear cluttered. 

I believe it's very important to have a lovely space to work, being surrounded by the things you love. Here's an idea of what my dream home office would contain.

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