Celebrating my 21st birthday today! Oh how quickly another year has passed! I am extremely thankful for many reasons, especially since 20 was some of the best moments of my life. I successfully completed my undergrad degree, and have welcomed some amazing opportunities and experiences. This year I'm looking forward to new starts and a whole lot more adventure. I'd like to believe that I'm finally figuring out who I am, and the direction I want my life to take, and I'll keep pushing until I have accomplished all that I wish. Hey, life is all about learning and making changes, accomplishing goals, and doing what makes you happy. I'm really thankful and appreciative for the support you have all given me and my blog. It really means a lot. Here's to a brand new year, and God's willing, many more years to come!

Thanks so much also for all the birthday wishes on social media, by text, and phone calls. You've made me a happy girl, and my day extremely special!

Photo credit: Breanna Julal