A couple of weeks ago I decided to use up some savings (along with some a lot of help from my mom) and purchase my very first DSLR. Just a month ago, this little gem that I've wanted for a very long time finally fell into my hands. 

Let me start off by saying that a DSLR is by no means a must-have for blogging, though you may be misled into believing that. All your favourite top bloggers own one, and as a blogger or potential blogger, you may think that in order to get to their level and boost your blog following, you MUST own one. Wrong. I've taken some darn good photos with my Samsung S4 and all my point-and-shoot cameras I have laying around the house and it has been just fine. Similarly, I have come across tons of blogs that have done the same, and they're raking in millions of views as well. Buying a fancy camera doesn't mean you'll take great pictures right then and there, just as buying a fancy car doesn't necessarily make you a better driver. Get the drift?

However, as my blog continues to grow, I decided it was time for an upgrade - not because I needed to, but because I wanted to. Not only that, but as I plan to enter the world of marketing and social media, it's only fair that I have decent equipment to provide better quality images for clients.

 I went in for the Canon Rebel T5 after spending months reading reviews, which of course, just like every other DSLR, proved it has its highs and its lows. I'm no photographer by any means, but what I knew I needed was something that wasn't all that complex to use, and something that wouldn't cost a fortune. After all shipping costs, etc. I paid close to US$400 which is a fair price compared to what I saw it for on several websites. 

So far, I'm just testing out every teeny bit of it so that I make full use of its capabilities, such as shooting in manual mode and the whole works. There is a whole lot to learn when compared to your point-and-shoot (such as lenses, lights), but it sure is a fun process. 
Cheers to my new journey with my lovely Lyla! :) 

 What camera do you use for your blog photography? Feel free to share any tips if you're a Canon DSLR user, or any other photography tips.

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