Hey guys! The past weekend was a blast because I finally got the chance to visit Portland. If you're not familiar with Portland, it is one of the most raved about parishes in Jamaica, visited by many international celebs including Tom Cruise, Beyonce, etc. I went with my brother and some friends, and boy, the experience was a good one. I have read about tons of interesting attractions that are there, but I am fortunate enough that my best friend, Sakina, is from Portland, so she was able to show us around a bit. We only went for a day, so we weren't able to pack in as much as we would wish, but the little we got to see was still amazing. Portland is roughly a three hour drive from my home, so we ended up leaving extremely early, but we were greeted with some darn good roti, fried plantains, and ackee and saltfish prepared by Sakina's mom. We then headed to San San Beach, after which we visited the world famous Blue Lagoon where we went for a boat ride. We also got to visit Monkey Island, and our tour guide gave us some history of the attraction, and showed us the different villas frequented by celebs. Overall the scenery is  beautiful, and I can't wait to visit again real soon. I didn't want to overload on pictures on Insta, so that's why I decided to share these pics here on the blog. Enjoy!