It is awfully true that there are just not enough hours in a day. For the past few days, my schedule has been super packed, and it's crazy finding time to work, blog, and fit in other errands while ensuring that I maintain my sanity (which is very important, might I add). However, I couldn't let this week get by without sharing my experience with an awesome company that contacted me recently.

Loux (pronounced "locs") is an online company that provides a wide variety of hair care products geared towards both natural and relaxed hair. Finally recovered from my hair breakage experience, it is very important that I use quality products that will keep my hair moisturized and in shape. Loux carries all that and more. The brands you'll see on the site are amazing quality and are much talked about in the hair community, including but not limited to Shea Moisture, Karen's Body Beautiful, Jane Carter Solution, Curls, and EDEN Bodyworks.

Although familiar with most of the brands, I have not used any other than Shea Moisture, so I was excited to try out the different brands that were available on the site. Of course, Loux made it so much easier for me to choose which products I wanted. I knew for a fact that I wanted to test out a new shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer, and the best part is that the site is separated into these different categories (cleanse, condition, moisturize, style, etc.), so selection of products was a breeze. If you're looking for a specific brand also, Loux is equipped with a drop down menu containing all the brands on the site.

It literally took me around three days to finalize my order because I was so caught up in browsing the different categories and brands over and over. Can I just have them all, please? Eventually I ended up choosing the Jane Carter Solution Moisture Nourish Shampoo, Karen's Body Beautiful Heavenly Jojoba Hair Oil, and Eden Bodyworks Jojoba Monoi Revitalizing Conditioner. During my natural hair journey, I became obsessed with knowing what ingredients are in my hair products. Fortunately, Loux lists the product ingredients below each detailed product description, so I didn't have to search the internet for all this information. Everything is literally in one place.

Ordering was simple and quick. I created an account with Loux in just a matter of minutes, chose my products, and added them to my 'Loux Box'. Upon purchasing, I was immediately sent my confirmation email. From my profile's dashboard, I am able to see the details of my order, track my order, and there is also a smart option to reorder, just in case I need the very same products again. Having an account also allows you to leave comments/reviews that can benefit other buyers as well.

Living in the Caribbean, it's sometimes difficult to get certain hair products, especially at affordable prices. Not only are Loux's prices affordable, they offer a flat rate shipping to the Caribbean for just $20, regardless of your order amount. Delivery is 15-20 days for international orders, which is pretty much a regular shipping time in this case. I was very impressed however, as I received my order in just 2 weeks. Two thumbs up for super fast shipping! All my products were packaged in one box, so no multiple packages to collect. Products were well taken care of and packed securely to prevent any little incidents that may occur, and fortunately no mishaps!

Overall, I love how clean the layout of the website is. No clutter, and no problem of having to browse through trying to figure out what does what and the whole works. Everything was efficiently categorized. The fact that I can purchase multiple brands from one site is a super smart move for me. The customer service experience was also a plus. The team was willing to assist with any query I had. I love the selection of products Loux has now, and I'm very interested to see the many others they will in the future. 

If you're interested in having your very own Loux experience, feel free to visit the site at You can also find them on social media at Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

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