If you've been around the internet a while, then it is highly likely that you've come across the acronym SEO. I remember seeing it for the first time a few years ago when I started my blogging journey. Having no idea what the term meant, I started googling, and alas, I realised that it was considerably important for my field. If you're not aware of the term, it means Search Engine Optimization. Let me break it down for you a little bit more. SEO is basically how one finds your website in search engines. And, the better one is able to find you, the greater traffic you are bound to get. While I'm still learning more about SEO, I have a few tricks and tips you can use to make your blog or website more search engine friendly.

Choose Smart Post Titles
Your post titles are extremely important. Choose one that is interesting, but at the same time, ensure that it will show in search engines. Put yourself in the shoes of others and think about what they would type in the search bar in order to search for that specific topic, and consider if the title you choose will show up. When you're done analyzing, craft your title around that. In my title for this post, I made sure I included 'SEO' and 'Tips', since many persons are searching for these terms. 

Name Your Images
So you all know after you take those photos and they have names such as IMG_0466.jpg, and you just upload? Yea, don't do that. I was always guilty of this. Nobody will ever search for a IMG_0466.  Giving your images proper titles will ensure that your photos can be found in the image search results of the search engines. For example, in my previous post, I labeled my images 'denimskirt', as the post revolved around a denim skirt, and the post title included that.

Use Relevant Keywords
Content is very important. When crafting your blog post, try to insert popular keywords from your post title a few times throughout, including in your opening paragraph. You may have noticed that I have used 'SEO' multiple times in my opening paragraph, throughout this post, as well as in my title, as it is a popular search term. This helps to boost search engine optimization. Just ensure that your keywords flow seamlessly with your content, and you're not just stuffing popular keywords in your post.

I hope you will take some of these tips and apply them to your site as you aim to become better bloggers and improve your site's SEO. It's constant work, but as you continue to build your blog daily, it will all pay off in the end. I've received so many positive reviews on my previous blogging tip post, and I want to thank you for reading and for the feedback. Looking forward to doing the next. Have a great week!