Hey everyone! Over the holidays I decided to treat myself to quite a number of purchases. Makeup was definitely on the top of the list. I find that when I come across something that works, especially foundation, there's no letting go. After watching a few YouTube videos and reading blog reviews, I made a short list of items I'd love to try out to see how much I like them, and so I wanted to share a brief review of some of the items I ordered.

Ok so, when was anyone gonna tell me about this? This was my favourite purchase. It provides medium coverage, is buildable, and I love how it is perfectly lightweight for everyday wear. The formula is a bit runny, and so I would suggest using a foundation brush to blend it in. I made the mistake of using a beauty blender at first which absorbed and wasted way too much product. Since this foundation is meant to give a more dewy finish, if you have oily skin like I do, you can use a mattifying primer and set the T-zone area with a translucent powder such as Laura Mercier, which I am currently loving. Does it last for 24 hours? I'll never be able to say, but so far I've worn this for 7-8 hours and it holds up really well. At this time I'm wearing shade 210, but it does oxidize a little, so I plan to go a shade lighter.

I was never a big fan of blush powders, so I rarely ever purchased them. However, since I'm trying to build up my stash, I went ahead and got the e.l.f. Powder Blush Palette in Dark. It came in a matte black packaging which features a mirror on the inside, and houses 4 e.l.f. Studio Blush shades. They are very pigmented, so a light hand is needed when applying. The shades aren't named, but nevertheless, very nice quality. Did you know they're currently offering free international shipping if your order is over $50? Win!

Not my favourite primer, and not a favourite product of mine either. At just a little over $3, I guess this is a situation where "you get what you paid for". It comes in a standard squeeze tube and the actual product is white in colour, but once massaged into the skin, has a very shimmery look to it. Unfortunately not a nice shimmery look. I found it to be incredibly greasy, so definitely not the right mix with my oily skin. It may work for someone with dry skin, but I would not repurchase.

No stranger to e.l.f. primers, I believe they get the job done at an inexpensive price tag. This Tone Adjusting one claims to minimize redness and correct blotchy skin, but it fails at these claims - the green tint just isn't pigmented enough to colour correct anything.  It is however very effective as a regular primer which provides that smooth base for foundation application due to its velvety finish, and helps my makeup last longer.