Happy New Year my loves! This post was really scheduled for New Year's Eve but it didn't make it. Then I figured hey, let me post this on New Year's Day. Didn't make it either. I then eventually decided on a few dates that I would possibly have it up in January, but I had a few other things on my plate so it didn't make it either. So I thought heck, why not just post on the first day of February, and boy, did January take forever to end! But, we're finally here and I'm ready to give you all some updates.

On January 1, 2017, I published a blog post over here outlining a few goals I wanted to achieve in 2017. I tried to set pretty attainable goals like I always do, while keeping in mind that things can go left, and you just have to try going right another time. I'm fine with that. Today I decided to just go through and give you guys an update as promised. I'll go in the order of my previous post so you can follow along.

My #1 goal was to purchase my very first car. I'm extremely elated to say I crushed that goal. Originally I planned to get it as a birthday gift for myself, but I was not able to make the purchase until November, so Christmas gift it was. While it's not my dream car (I probably won't be able to purchase that until the next 10 years), I absolutely love my little Honda Fit and wouldn't trade my first purchase for anything else. It's the perfect starter vehicle for little ol' me.

Did I get my driver's licence? I sure did! High five for driving legally.

As it relates to fitness and going to the gym twice a week, it was a struggle. I did go for around 9 months though not consistently, but I have started on this once again while doing home workouts if I'm not able to hit the gym. So far, so good.

Let's not even chat about reading books.  Lol. Most of my reading consisted of materials on the web that were related to my career, but I hope to pick up on this soon.

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have realized that I lost another aunt to cancer in May. It was the most depressing period I had to go through in my life. With that said, I am grateful for all the memories I had with her through great health and even during her period of illness. I do not regret one minute spent in the hospital by her side, no matter how confusing it all became for me. Just a reminder - be grateful for the little things.

Was I more consistent with blogging? Not at all. Unfortunately, due to so many other things I was working on, my blog was put on the back burner once more. I didn't want to be at that point where I was hitting publish because I needed content on my blog. I value quality over quantity. I'm not sure many persons are aware of how tedious running a blog can get. Taking photos, editing, writing posts, thinking of post ideas - the process can be a whole lot. Kudos to those who work full time jobs, create blog posts consistently, have families, and maintain a social life - you're the real MVP!

My YouTube channel didn't launch either, but I'm still working on that, and it's coming sooner than you expect!

I didn't get to go the Dominican Republic as I had planned. However, a business trip led me to New York in May. While NYC was not the planned travel destination for last year, it has been on my travel bucket list for quite some time now. Truth be told, I loved it and can't wait to visit again. So, I guess I just have to give and take.

My Blue Mountain excursion did not entail hiking, instead it was a lot different. I went quad riding with my boyfriend and his friends in the mountains (as a pillion of course, no bikes for me!). Hiking could.not.top.that.ever! Lol

For 2018, I wouldn't say I've laid out any major goals like last year, but there are a few things I'd love to work on and do more of:

More Adventures
Traveling and just getting out of the house regularly is #1 on my list. Doesn't have to be internationally, but more local travels and visiting places I have never been to while living here in Jamaica.

Living a healthier lifestyle
Super important. Last year I switched out all my skincare to those that have more natural and organic ingredients, and I'm hoping to slowly transition my makeup products as well. I'm also determined to eat a lot healthier this year, and as I mentioned above, going to the gym and working out regularly.

Growing my blog
While I honestly lack the time to really put it all into my blog, I'm trying really hard to get back on track and work on new content. Wish me luck!

Turning 24
Yup, just another birthday. But if you know me, birthdays are really sort of a big thing for me. I don't know what it is, but I just love getting old (not).

Going to more shows/events
I'm a total homebody at times, but I'd like to go to a few live shows, food festivals, etc.

Get an apartment
I may not actually own an apartment in 2018, but I'd like to start the process and get things moving as it relates to owning my first place.